Hill St Blues


Reduced revenue is now hitting roading projects that aren’t the big flash motorway projects.

NZTA is delaying by a year work on the next stage of upgrades to State Highway 1 in Warkworth.

That was to have been construction of new intersections at Hill Street and Hudson Road.

The NZTA’s State Highways Manager for Auckland, Tommy Parker says the Hill Street decision does not affect work on the Puhoi to Wellsford Road of national significance.

“I can assure people that Puhoi to Wellsford is still underway in the area, and has the changes at both the Hill Street and Hudson Road intersections incorporated in its planning.

“Funding for this RoNS project has not affected anything in Warkworth as it is still in a planning stage and most of NZTA’s allocation is spent during construction.”

Mr Parker, says three key reasons behind the NZTA’s decision:

  • Reduced revenue for all transport projects across New Zealand;
  • Rapid progress on other Auckland roading projects that need to be paid for earlier than anticipated
  • Increased costs for the Hill Street upgrade.

Mr Parker says  NZTA is committed to the project but the costs for improvements have increased 50 percent (to $15m) since they were originally estimated in 2006 and growth in Warkworth has slowed down.

These factors coupled with the construction of larger projects in Auckland means a need to delay.

He says he regrets the delay but reassures the community that the Transport Agency remains committed to completing all the SH1 improvements as soon as possible.

“The upgrades in Warkworth will still go ahead, but they will happen at a later date,” he says.

“We will still continue to negotiate with landowners around Hill Street over property purchases and property access rights so that we will be in a position for a quick start when we do go ahead with construction.

“Improvements have also been made to SH1: Hill Street with the installation of a cctv camera so that we are able to monitor peak hour flows from the Joint Traffic Management Centre in Auckland and adjust the light sequences as required to improve traffic flows through the intersection.”

The Warkworth Stage One project is an agreement between the NZTA (Transit) and Auckland Transport (Rodney District Council).




  1. jarbury says:

    Just build the Warkworth bypass.

  2. Nick R says:

    But jarbury, wouldn’t cheap, fast and effective SH1 upgrades like that make the massively expensive and slow to build holiday highway redundant? You know, like more redundant ;)

  3. Donald Neal says:

    A chance missed here. The headline should read “Hill Street Blues”.

  4. Jon C says:

    @Donald Thanks. I have the Mike Post theme in my head now & can’t get rid of it!

  5. BD says:

    I’ve made a submission to NZTA, also read in the news that there is a mass protest in Wellington regarding the construction of the basin reserve fly over and the Kapiti Expressway. I spent a huge part of my childhood in Kapiti and Joycie wants to ruin it forever! Bring on 2011 election lets make National pay for it!!!!!!!

  6. KarlHansen says:

    So NZTA is essentially saying “We aren’t making enough money from fuel taxes because of reduced motor vehicle use - but have no fear, the new motorways WILL be built!”



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