Change Your RSS TO AKT Feed


If you have an RSS feed from here, you may not be getting the feeds since was changed to

You need to re-instate the feed with the RSS button on the home page or change you feed  yourself to come from





  1. Steve says:

    Of course, it would have been useful to have this message BEFORE making the change. However, it was easily rectified once it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen any posts from AKT recently.

    I note that Google Reader still lists 130 subscribers to the old feed - some may have resubscribed to the new feed and left the old one dormant, of course, but, extrapolating, it does indicate a fair proportion of your readership may have gone AWOL.

  2. Jon C says:

    @Steve Changing a website URL & hosting company and everything else under the bonnet was a stressful week not knowing if I would lose it all and had no idea when the fixes would be concluded. My alternative to cope with the traffic was to close the site down. Your “kind” comments are appreciated.


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