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I swapped from trains to buses for most of the last wintery week in Auckland - because buses generally took me closer to where I needed to go.
Unlike the new $2m Kingsland shelters, most suburban stations are fairly exposed with limited enclosed shelters and I also got tired of being drenched by the time a train arrived.
Even the bigger stations have their problems as well.
Exactly a year ago I complained about the poor construction of the Newmarket walkway from Remuera Rd which was seeping water and published this proof:

Water across the Newmarket entranceway

Today, one of the weekend papers complained about the same problem as if it were a new thing.
It’s not- it’s always been there as my post showed last year and is shocking because a) the problem has been around since day one and no one has done anything b) it’s an award winning station design.
Once again, it echoes my never-ending moan that construction projects are never properly finished. Good on the architects for having nice Institute of Architects awards to hang on their wall - they deserve them - but no big ups to Auckland Transport for letting commuters continue to get their shoes and socks wet in trying to make it to the station.

But back to the buses.

It’s a winter of discontent again for public transport users.

I’ve had a miserable time. There is so little seating at bus shelters  that for busy stops you too have to stand for ages in the rain - or do so so that you can actually see the bus coming.

But when I did sit down at one shelter, thanks to the inevitable leaks, the seat was very wet and I ended up with a soggy pair of trousers -which of course looked as if I had wet my pants.  I returned home to change and was late.

I’ve been writing about the leaky bus shelter scandal since this blog began and that Wellington Council has started a renewal programme because Adshel has called a halt to doing any more in the capital mainly for financial reasons.

As I returned to a bus stop with a fresh pair of trousers and waited in the rain, I watched the faces of the long queue of rush hour cars sweep past. They looked happy with their warm heaters and loud stereos for company and had no problem with wet bums.

They must have looked out of their windows thinking how sad it was poor people can not afford to travel by car in such harsh conditions.

They have a point. If we get another bad spell, I may just join them.

When I did get a bus, the windows were so rainy and blurry, I went one past my designated spot.

One leaky improvement: remedial work seems to have made the Kingsland underpass from Sandringham Rd not as leaky as it was -but you still can sink your shoes into a depth of water when you reach the stairs at the end of the underpass at the city-bound platform end. Another typically Auckland half-assed solution.

The underpass was badly leaking




  1. Jonathan says:

    I remember that at one of the previous transport committee meetings or Auckland Transport meetings that there was a suggestion to “clean up” the downtown britomart bus stop areas, as the bus stops are merely just suburban bus stops but just multiple next to each other.

    Particularily on Customs St East ouside Shakey Isles Cafe and Nood that all the bus stops need to be removed and replaced by an overarching cover similar to the Kingsland Station new station canopy - but maybe a bit cheaper. Its a bit annoying to have the footpath width signifcantly reduced because of ad hordings. Removing the ad boards and improving sightlines as well as shelter will make that area in particular a bit more hospitable.

  2. KarlHansen says:

    Jonathan, you will find that the laywers and accountants have sold off our bus shelters to Adshel (notice the name?) so they can display ads on them. Removing the ad hoardings, if even legally possible, thus means we ratepayers are likely to have to pay even more money to Adshel for lost earnings!

    Ah, privatisation of the public sphere! The market will solve all!

  3. rtc says:

    @KarlHansen they haven’t sold off anything.

    Adshell will build the shelters at places AT requests for free, however, AT can, if they wish, build a shelter themselves at full cost and have no advertising. They did something similar at Britomart with the big long elevated cover, or outside Sky City (the latter is a bad bus stop but does show that the stops do not have to have advertising.)


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