Regular Commuters Get Separated


Regular commuters entering Britomart tonight are finding for the first time, they have to use another entrance - one they may have never heard of in the Westpac building at the back of the Transport centre.
This will be a full-on practice for the RWC2011 – the last one possible and commuters will be separated this way from now on for all the RWC matches at Eden Park.

Going in to the Britomart building that way to the new eastern entrance at Takutai Square, underneath the big Westpac building (Gore St) is a new experience, a disorientating backward way to enter the platforms.

At Britomart, only special Bledisloe rugby services to Kingsland are accessible from the usual Queen St entrance.

Buses will replace scheduled train services between Britomart and Morningside from 8pm to 11pm.

And as you head for the rugby trains, there’s no escaping the way Britomart Transport Centre has started to embrace the commercialism of the Rugby World Cup:




  1. Matt L says:

    “there’s no escaping the way Britomart Transport Centre has started to embrace the commercialism of the Rugby World Cup:”
    To be fair, it is used for commercials a lot with frequent advertising put on various places, not that I mind, if it helps bring in money and therefore helps offset some of the costs of running the system then I’m all for it.

  2. Jon C says:

    @Matt L That was not criticism! I was just observing it. The more ways to pay for PT services the better

  3. Paul in Sydney says:

    I don’t have a problem with advertising assisting PT

    The eastern entrance was open at Xmas time, just. The building still had lots of hoarding up

  4. Newnewt says:

    The eastern entrance has been in operation since the opening of Britomart in 2003. Before the Westpac building was built entry was via a standalone one-storey building.

  5. Giel says:

    Correct - The eastern entrance was actually opened before the main old CPO entrances. It was used from opening day in July 2003 together with Queen street underground entry opposite Westfield downtown Mall whilst glasshouse and main CPO entry points were being finished.


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