Art Meets Albert


With the Auckland Art Gallery back in its original location of Kitchener & Lorne Streets, one of the exciting things about the opening of its extension is the way a connection has been made with adjourning Albert Park.

Auckland is crying out for such connections to be made as it is so rare.  Areas within the CBD are so cut off from each other that there is no immediate relationship between them as are made in many other cities.

Finally it seems this is becoming a priority with ideas floated around the Auckland Plan trying to make more sense of the CBD especially its important relationship with the waterfront and to recognise the role of pedestrians in the cityscape.

The Art Gallery extension includes new steps to Albert Park, uses some of the park’s land and -spectacularly - as you wander around the exhibitions. It feels as if you and the art are part of the park itself with the band rotunda and trees peering in on you and at the art from windows, and open nooks and crannies.



Photos of Auckland Art Gallery outside and inside here





  1. Great photos Jon! The Art Gallery is a fantastic addition to Auckland. I especially love the art work ‘Red’ in the entrance.

  2. George D says:

    Looking wonderful! Hope I visit soon.


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