What’s On Your Mind? September


This is a general thread for anything you have noticed today or isn’t covered in current posts.

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  1. AKT says:

    Police and emergency services are attending a collision involving a school bus and a logging truck near Ruatoki.

    Eastern Bays Area Commander, Inspector Sandra Venables said Police and other emergency services are in attendance at the scene.

    Families wanting more information are asked to contact the Whakatane Police Station on 07 3085255

  2. Finn says:

    I heard that steam loco Ja1275 had a little derailment in Henderson involving one of the carriages after haul the Kaipara Cannonball excursion to Helensville. Does anyone know more about that?

  3. San Luca says:

    Saw around 8 Outer Link buses tonight with a total of 3 people on all of them. More needs to be done to promote this service

  4. Owen Thompson says:


    “Meanwhile, in a possibly related incident, a steam train returning to Ellerslie from an excursion to Helensville with 280 people onboard lost a wheel, stopping the train.

    Main Line Steam operations manager Michael Tolich said the carriages were owned by KiwiRail, which was investigating.”


  5. AKT says:

    @San I have seen empty Outer Links. It deserves to succeed. I guess it takes time for people to know what it is about but they are certainly visible.

  6. DanC says:

    I do hope the outer link bus gets recognised and used. It’s a great service.

  7. San Luca says:

    The only negative thing I would say about the outer link is that the route needs some adjusting in the balmoral to Newmarket section. The route takes an awfully unnecessary dog leg to “Epsom” I.e Grenade & Manukau rd from Mt Eden Village. It would make more sense to go directly to Newmarket

  8. George D says:

    Trains are still being cancelled, freight is still being shunted on passenger lines at 8am.

  9. AKT says:

    NBR reports that the Chinese company awarded a KiwiRail contract has come up short in an Australian deal. http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/kiwirails-chinese-supplier-misses-australian-targets-cw-100158

  10. Jules Rust says:

    Why on earth don’t the trains to the game go all the way to the game!! Trains from out west only go as far as morning side. My dad is going the france ABs game and he’s disabled and can not walk as far as others - if the train was to stop at kings land it wld mean he could walk a short distance - now he’s stuck at morning side. Ridiculous! Outraged!

  11. joust says:

    Trying out an A-Pass today. Tagged on and off a train on my way in this morning! The green light came on both times thankfully.

    Though its kind of pointless considering the guards still asking for tickets. More useful having the sticker showing today’s date on it.

    I do realise that I probably won’t quite get my money’s worth out of it, but have been keen to try it out. We’ll see how Metrolink handles it later on.

  12. San Luca says:

    Western line trains are packed today, even from Henderson. I saw some people “downstream” who had seen 4 trains pass that’s how full they are

  13. Chris says:

    Why so few trains to WRC Opening?
    What a poor example to the World!

  14. Sam says:

    thousands upon thousand of people Downtown… you cant move from Britomart Place to Wynyard Quarter. No car traffic… just heaps of buses and some taxis. Pedestrians have just taken over many roads around the CBD…. The council isnt the only entity that can close a road! The atmosphere is amazing down there.

    I caught a bus to work from Balmoral at 2:15… it was packed, despite a service every 4 minutes. Looks like my stop was the last that most buses stopped at. Every stop from there in had 20-40 people at it… they were spilling into the traffic in some places.

    Britomart was coping well at 4:30- people queuing at both entrances, and a dense, constant stream of people arriving up the escalators at the back entrance…looked real efficient!

    I have however heard that a train from the west broke down some time after 5, and people have been building up at western line stations for 30+ minutes with no services coming through. Some heads better roll for that… exactly what people here have been worrying about for years! Why are there no crossovers/ signals that allow trains to pass on the other track in this sort of situation… especially given our unreliable trains!

  15. William Stewart says:

    Jules Rust: They have free mobility shuttles at Morningside. Read the briefings AKT put up before Friday

  16. Jon C says:

    Police investigating a crash on Fanshawe St in Auckland on September 9 - the opening night of the Rugby World Cup Tournament - that left a 12 year-old rugby fan seriously injured, are appealing for witnesses who were on the North Star bus to contact them.

    The 897 bus was en route to North Harbour when it crashed into the rear of a car outside the BP Service Station on Fanshawe St. As a consequence, four pedestrians in the path of the car were injured, two of them seriously.

    If you or someone you know was on the bus at the time or was a witness to the crash - and who hasn’t already been spoken to by Police - please contact Constable Paul Simcox of the Auckland City Serious Crash Unit on 09 359 3109 or e-mail [email protected]

  17. Jon C says:

    Police would like to warn drivers on, or intending to use, the North Western Motorway of an extensive diesel spill.

    The spill is between Rosebank Road and Te Atatu Road, Westbound (away from Auckland City).

    There are some very large patches of diesel over a 10 kilometre stretch of motorway.

    The motorway is described as very slippery.

    Extreme caution is advised.

    Contractors are on their way to clear the spill however delays are inevitable.


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