492 A- Passes


Sales of the Auckland Transport “A-Pass” – the public transport pass for RWC  visitors – have, to date, totalled 492.

AT says that was an expected level.

The passes are sold through outlets such as Britomart, i-sites, Fullers‟ ticket  offices and the domestic and international airport terminals but around 50% of sales have been made at  the Britomart ticket office.

Use of the card has been highest on bus, followed by ferry and - coming in last - rail.

A Pass tag post at Kingsland train station

AT says sales are expected to increase as the tournament progresses and more international visitors arrive in Auckland.




  1. San Luca says:

    Is there any thing stopping me, other than my conscience from buying an A pass and using it as a pass to get free travel on trains during the RWC?

  2. Rtc says:

    The A-pass costs about the same as the discovery pass - you won’t save anything buying it. Free travel for the matches is only for those who have a game ticket.

  3. Matt L says:

    Rtc -I think he is asking what controls are there to make sure he has actually tagged on with the card.

    San Luca - I think they have a sticker on them for each day the pass is valid for which is how they also deal with non NZ bus buses

  4. Cheryl says:

    Surely it’s clear that train patronage is the lowest because with a valid game ticket you can travel for free. So people using them otherwise are only those sightseeing?

  5. joust says:

    I used one recently to try it out and knowing I’d have a couple of different journeys that day. Tagging on and off trains is pretty pointless as guards still want to see the sticker anyway.

    May as well just get discovery pass since they’re available on-board most services you just show it to the driver/guard. Unless you really need to get to Pukekohe for sight-seeing.

  6. 1 says:

    Can’t say I’ve seen anyone using one of these passes. 492 seems a bit low to me.

  7. aucklander says:

    Yes the A-pass costs the same as the discovery pass but the A-pass has added benefits aimed at tourists.

    “The A-Pass includes a number of special discount offers to attractions around the city such as Auckland Zoo, the Stardome, the Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum, Auckland Art Gallery, the Edge, MOTAT and Auckland Museum during the RWC 2011 period.” - quoted from Auckland transport’s web site


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