Photos Rena Tauranga Ship Disaster


Photos of the Rena environmental disaster off the Bay of Plenty coast when the cargo ship ended up on the Astrolabe Reef spilling oil.

The first few were shot by the Defence Force flying over:

Rena on reef |NZDF

Rena on reef |NZDF

Rena on reef |NZDF

Rena on reef |NZDF

Oil on the beach | Gemz Photography

Container washed onshore | Greenpeace

Hundreds of dead oiled birds lie on the shoreline | Gemz Photography

Cleanup on Papamoa Beach. |MNZ

Rena cleanup volunteer Rona Marie Otene | MNZ

Maritime emergency centre

Numbers refer to water depth under and around Rena | Maritime NZ

Rena this morning | NZDF

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  1. Craig says:

    I hope this puts the nail in the coffin for any govt thoughts to continue to let Petrobras look for oil!

  2. damian says:

    The two are completely unrealated.

  3. Ingolfson says:

    Not necessarily - it creates *reasonable* worries that we don’t have the “heavy lifting” required to deal with a large oil spill, or similar maritime emergency (remember that the US, - right off a coast just bristling with oil industry assets - took months to fix a major disaster of theirs).

    So not irrelevant at all - though of course both sides of the drilling equation will tend to overstate the risk / the safety for the sake of their own argument.


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