How to make a good mojito ?


This famous highball cocktail is one that is extremely refreshing and perfect for the summers. Made differently in many parts of the world, here you will find out how to make that perfect traditional Cuban Mojito, one that is extremely pleasing to the palette. A great way to entertain guest coming over for a pool party or just enjoying your days on a tropical island with this beverage. This cocktail take about 8 mins to make, isn’t that great?

Here is a good mojito homemade.

You will also find here the best recette cocktail in the world that you can easily reproduce at home with ingredients easy to find.



This signature drink is characterized by the presence of mint and lime, hence it is essential to get both of these ingredients fresh from the market. Traditionally this Cuban cocktail uses spearmint or yerba buena if you can get your hands on that nothing like it, fresher the ingredients, stronger the taste and the aroma. You will also need some granulated or powdered sugar, Havana club white rum, a few mint leaves, juice from one lime, crushed ice and Havana club soda.


In a Collin glass, place 4 mint leaves, and squeeze the juice of a lemon (2 ounces) over it. Now it’s time to add the powdered/granulated sugar, using the back of a muddler, or a spoon gently start crushing the mint leaves, slowly infusing the mixture with the taste and scent of the leaves. It is essential to be gentle while crushing the leaves as you don’t want to over crush them, which will only result in a strong bitter taste. Add some ice, preferably crushed ice, enough to fill half of the glass then stir in about 2 ounces of the Havan white rum.

Lastly, you could either top up the glass with the Havana club soda or you could also stir it in, depending on how you enjoy your drink. If you don’t like a very sweet mojito you could add some angostura bitters to cut off the sweetness.Don’t forget to add a few mint sprigs and a slice of lime as a garnish, you could also coat the rim of the glass with some powdered sugar, this, however, is totally optional.
You will also notice some recipes state that you must crush lemon wedges with the mint leaves, in order to infuse the drink with their scent, however, what may happen is the skin of the lemon if crushed extensively could start to let out its bitterness which may only ruin this cocktail.

It’s now time to reward all of your efforts. Cheers !

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5 Tips to fall asleep in a minute ?


Sleepless nights leaving you exhausted and cranky in the morning? Need a few Tips to fall asleep in a minute ? Follow these through and you will definitely be sleeping like a baby in no time.

1. Drink Hot Milk

The best way to loosen all those dreadful knots that have accumulated in your body throughout the day, is to drink a delicious cup of hot milk! Climb in your bed and slowly sip away that warm, yummy cocoa, and let the warmth sink in and wash away all the stress from your body and soul.

Discover some astuces to help you find sleep easily.

2. Use your Imagination

Another way to spirit yourself off to the world of dreams, is to just use your imagination. Go to your happy place. Imagine new plots. Relive your precious moments in new light. It essential for you mind to feel happy and satisfied for it to turn off and let you sleep. So do your best to please it. The happier you get, the more content you will feel with your life and soon you will be sleeping like a baby without a care in the world.

Here’s a tip to help you fall asleep fast.

3. Sing AlongYES, really singing or humming just might be the solution you are looking for!

It acts as a meditation ritual and creates a sense of calm all over. Lie down, close your eyes and just put on your earphones and fall asleep to your favorite tunes.

4. Ban ElectronicsTrust me people this is the main cause of not being able to fall asleep.

All these “pings” “dings” and light flashing in your room at your sleep hour disrupts your sleep pattern. Your mind is in a constant state of alert which makes it impossible for you to fall asleep. So make it a rule to kick these devices out when you are about to sleep. Or put them in a place which would require you to crawl out of that cozy bed of yours to get to them.

5. Try to NOT to Fall AsleepSeriously it works like a charm!

Try not to fall asleep, FORCE yourself to not fall asleep and your mind turns off in an instant. Remember those boring history lectures that you had to endure during your school days? Remember how easily you would fall asleep then despite doing your best to stay awake? Its the same principle.
Try these out and feel yourself drift away in an instant. *fingers crossed*

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Auckland third-best city for quality of living


City judged third in world for fourth time in survey on quality of living.

Auckland has been ranked the world’s third-best city for quality of living for the fourth time.

The City of Sails came third in three previous Quality of Living surveys by recruitment consultancy Mercer, last year, in 2014, and in 2012.

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