Latest Headlines

Cycling sites are under LINKS

NZ bike invention wins design award

More cycleway funding
It’s world car free day
Wellington police investigate serious crash between cyclist and 2 pedestrians
Wellington CBD restrictions will help cyclists
Data on how walking and cycling into the CBD has increased in 24 years

Wynyard Quarter pedestrian cycle bridge construction about to start
Auckland council rethinks bus lane fines

Auck council dumps T2 Dominion Rd plan
Banks and Brown spell out their transport policies
You can cycle on Manukau and Newmarket motorway developments this weekend

John Banks denies he has gone cold on public transport projects
$1.8m Queenstown cycle trail project signed today
Open day to cycle and walk the new Sh20 Manukau extension
300 attend Dominion Road protest meeting
Changes for cyclists using Hobsonville SH18
“Save Dominion Rd” locals fight Auckland City Dominion Rd plan
Hawke’s Bay cycle trail project boost

Auckland City committee discusses future of the Nextbike bike rental scheme

C&R candidates support T2 bus lanes in Dominion Rd
Final link in SH20 motorway opened

Walk, cycle new Mangere bridge

Do we need cycle helmets?

North Shore cyclist hit and run a mystery

8 cycle trails approved

Part of Ohakune’s cycleway opens
NZTA move to progress next Waitemata harbour crossing

Cities chosen to become walking and cycling meccas and model communities

To make it safer for cyclists, the NZTA considering making it compulsory for angled parking spaces
Nokia launches mobile phone charger kit for cyclists

Cyclists want zero tolerance speeding for ever

NextBike puts its case to Auckland City
Huge jump in numbers of Aucklanders cycling

NextBike’s Next Moves

Cycling icon honoured

Dominion Rd project moves forward
Prime minister says National Cyclceways are on track

Safety improvements to Tamaki Drive start next week

Christchurch cyclist killed in accident

City mountain bike trail opens

Wairau river pedestrian bridge moves forward

SH20 footbridge between Hillsborough and Onehunga opens

Police cant identify cyclist hurt in accident

Cyclist badly hurt in Avondale accident

Cyclists say Symonds St dangerous - bus company apologises over one incident

Cyclists stage ride of silence to remember cycle deaths

New harbour bridge cycleway will be a hard sell

Cr Ken Baguley scores Auckland City money for cycling and walking

Feedback on Auckland City Tamaki Drive cycling safety plans close soon

Wellington police stop cyclists to tell them to be safer

Official feels safer on a bike than a car in Auckland

Google Auckland interactive cycle maps launched

Greens attack Auckland city cracking down on NextBike

Cyclist hit by train

Who owns the cycleways?

Call for govt to fund professional cycle training in view of rise in driving age

Kingsland cycleway’s 1st day a success -Photos

Kingsland Northwestern motorway cycle link opens -Photos

Cycleway from Northwestern motorway to Auckland University planned

Auckland may soon have bike racks on buses
Nelson Marchfest 2010 beer festival to use bicycles to power the music stage

New cycle website launched

North Shore cycleway in use

Truck driver charged with tourist cyclist’s death

Kingsland and last link for SH20 cycleways get closer to finishing - Latest Photos
Christchurch cyclist seriously injured in collision with car

Kingsland cycleway - the NW motorway missing link- can be ridden next week

Cycle trains” suggested to get kids being driven to school

Cycle lanes popular in Auckland - graph

BikeWise got newbies out cycling

Hutt voted NZ bike mad city

Lake Rd cycle lanes saved

Grafton bridge motorway saga revisited

Melbourne figures show cycling is popular

Cyclists thrilled with Safer Journeys plan

Wellington judge says nude cycling OK

Greens invite Steven Joyce to get on his bike

Train bike lockers that work

Onewa Rd gets shared cycle path

Motorist who knocked down Tamaki Drive cyclist sentenced

Race proves bike fastest way to get to Auckland CBD in rush hour

BikeWise cycle to work - Photos

Your chance to walk, cycle the Hobsonville motorway
RaboPlus NZ MTB cup shows mountain bike racing gaining in popularity
MP hopes Waiheke cycleways will still happen

13 cycle trails picked- Auckland misses out

Auckland City councillors want to make Tamaki Drive even safer

Far North cycleway plan -feasibility study
Bike Wise month starts -events

Design of Harbour Bridge pathway starts

Auckland cyclists warned about high tides flooding cycleway

Cyclists call for truce with Hummer man

Road Code for cyclists released

NextBike - here is how it should be done
Auckland Harbour Bridge cycleway moves to design stage

NextBike a good idea but no-one gets it

Cycle and ride at new Newmarket station

Northwestern Motorway Cycleway takes shape - Photos

SH20 cycleway - Mt Roskill’s final link. Construction starts

Arthurs Pass cycleway plan

Pedestrians, cyclists reclaim Mt Eden

Tauranga expressway has cycleway

John Key launches first cycle trail project

Northwestern motorway cycleway link -construction starts

NZTA plan to encourage Aucklanders to bike to work

Scenic Drive safe cycling measures by Waitakere council

Waiheke cycleway gets council approval

Cars, Cycle groups unite for safety campaign

Tamaki cyclists versus motorists

Toll cycleway/ pedestrian walkway plan for Auckland Harbour Bridge

Another Tamaki Drive cyclist bowled

Fullers judged best public transport operator cyclists

MP injured while cycling

Woman charged after Tamaki Drive cycle accident

Road cycling gets too dangerous in Auckland

ARTA supports cycling

Tamaki Drive bike crash prompts council action

Auckland Harbour Bridge cycling protest




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