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Rail sites are under LINKS

Waikato’s 30 year transport vision: not rail the Waikato Expressway
Man killed by train in Te Kuiti named

Signs of electrification infrastructure

Wellington trains return to normal Monday morning
Morningside station gets the tamper treatment - Videos
Man dies after being hit by train

Another Johnsonville slip

Morningside Drive closed as busy pre electrification work is done

Long distance rail figures up

New Lynn railbridge at Clark Rd given the go ahead and tender

Wellington trains services -cautious approach today

Plan to resite Pukekohe railway station

Proposed long hauler would be economical

Mike Lee: Airport rail ‘sooner rather than later”

KiwiRail CEO earns over $800,000 a year

Onehunga rail service gets busy

Wellington locals save Plimmerton railway building

Main trunk line closed after crash

Big Morningside electrification weekend

2 Wellington trains crash

$13.5m Parnell stop moves forward

Overseas experts major report to NZTA on our public transport

High speed rail debate in US, Aust

Airport rail debate gets serious

Software glitch hits Matangi, 2nd train arrives

Is the new train timetable resulting in delays?

The facts on airport rail

Banks says airport rail would go broke & North Shore rail lunacy

6 railbridges in Sth Auckland get rebuilt for electrification

Good feedback continues about Onehunga

New Lynn construction - in photos

Google funds NZ future transport invention

North Shore rail talk behind the scenes

$80m to build Marsden Point rail line says KiwiRail
What’s planned to replace old New Lynn bus depot
Governor General talks up public transport ay opening of New Lynn transport hub
Fares up 2.2% from Oct 3

Old New Lynn depot demolished

Labour hijack opening of New Lynn transport hub by transport minister Steven Joyce
Joyce says CBD rail loop not yet on anyone’s agenda

Maori want say in high up Auckland transport decisions
I ride the Onehunga line to see how popular it really is
Video: Chinese loco

GST applied to fares

Concerns about safety at Penrose station
MP says give Onehunga service a chance
Weather disrupts Auckland trains
Derailment near Waikanae affects services
Minister of transport asked in parliament what progress is being made in Auckland on rail?
Blown off roof heads for Newmarket train

It’s world car free day
Brisbane introduces Quiet Cabs. Where’s ours?
Signal issues on new Onehunga line?
Auckland mayoral candidate says forget rail, use point to point shuttles
Transport minister told rail is booming- Video

Tracks marked to help drivers with longer trains on the Western Line

New $36m New Lynn transport hub opens
More hordes try out the new trains - Photos
Historic photos along the fenceline a nice touch
35 take first trip into Britomart on Sunday- photos
Saturday Videos of steam train
First official train into Onehunga
Photos -Onehunga’s festive day
Photos- Onehunga celebrates in style
Mike Lee speech
Te Papapa, Penrose 3 pictures
Steven Joyce speech
Steven Joyce on police chases
Onehunga being constructed- Photos
Kaikoura slip almost over
Rail moves again in South Island
Plan for long haul service Tuakau to Huapai direct

New Lynn’s flash new transport hub opens its doors Sunday- timetable changes
Herald’s rail coverage is very old school
Free Onehunga steam rides during Saturday’s opening
At last action building the Sturges Rd railbridge and why it is taking for ever

New Lynn rail commuters hit by a double whammy

Rail freight will move again tomorrow night in Sth Island

Kaikoura slip 24 hrs to go- rail lines open Friday

Candidates spell out their transport policies

C&R transport policy

Inquiry into 5 Auckland train incidents raises safety issues

ARC considers Huapai trains: 10 minute trains on West from about Feb

What should we learn from this tragic level crossing accident?

Kaikoura slip halting rail is a monster

Transport minister addresses rail conference: “WE’re committed to rail”

Kaikoura slip: Buses, light trucks but not trains can now get through
The bad Kaikoura slip shows how vulnerable NZ is

Joyce says it would be 10 years before construction of the CBD rail loop would begin
Kiwirail trying to move South Island freight -4 days to clear slip
Photos: Inside the New Lynn transport hub
10 minute Western Line timetables before March - and maybe Huapai services too
Interesting data on how many people come into Britomart each day
Mozart to scare off bus louts
Vote Trains campaign stage sit ins

Photo: Major Kaikoura slip will take days to fix

Slip now affects South Island rail

At last trains have something to hold on to!

Photos: Onehunga one week to go

Electrification work poses a confusing time for Morningside commuters

Wellington rail conference next week

Matangi train great for the disabled

Joyce warns Wellington Matangi trains no silver bullet

Photos: Commuters crowd Wellington station to wander through Matangi train

Aftershocks worry South Island trains

Auckland in 2015 - reader has a vision
Public can see over Matangi trains

South Island rail damage from quake no more than $2m

Free Sunday travel proves rail is the future, says Mike Lee

30,000 free train trips taken in Auckland during the weekend
Pictures of South Island’s damaged lines

Joyce says Auckland’s trains on schedule

Sth Island rail update: Port suffered tens of millions of damage

South Island rail almost fixed

Councillor wants rail harbour tunnel

US progresses fast train plan

Quake update- No passenger trains out of Christchurch

Quake update - no public transport until further notice in Christchurch

KiwiRail train heads to Christchurch with water

Repairing quake hit South island rail underway
In surprise move, 8 now in to build Auckland’s electric trains incl 2 from China

Revised weekend timetables, free travel – Details

Details of the official opening of Onehunga

Proposal for waterfront trams to be extended via Ponsonby, Grey Lynn to the zoo
Speculation Government’s super card scheme to be cut
KiwiRail profit down but remains positive

Overlander and provincial scenic trains have boost in patronage

Monthly passes can no longer be bought on board trains

Banks and Brown spell out their transport policies
Free trains when Newmarket motorway closes this weekend
KiwiRail IT goes 21st century with $3m IBM deal

Photos: Weekend rail work to get ready for Auckland’s electrification & commission Onehunga’s signals

NZTA says the new Manukau motorway extension will benefit public transport especially rail
Where’s the promised Avondale train station park and ride?

Auckland city’s state of the city 2010 report is selective about its data on Auckland car use
Signal work for Auckland’s electric trains underway
Is Mt Albert train station revamp months away now?
Minister Bill English tells councils he wants smarter infrastructure decisions and investment

New train timetables hailed. Baldwin Ave not available for longer trains

New timetables out including Onehunga whose line is now coloured blue
Tauranga port fingered for rail use when bigger container ships arrive

Onehunga trains test the new station Videos here Photos here

Landscaping of the new Onehunga station – Photos

Man hit by train near Blenheim, dies

Railbuses replace some trains this weekend

Latest photos of New Lynn transport hub

Napier-Gisborne rail line talks

Train timetables need to change at weekends – not just when the southern motorway is closed

Onehunga is local focus of rail safety week

Dramatic video of Chinese train plunging into flooded river

John Banks denies he has gone cold on public transport projects

New look for KiwiRail livery Tranz Alpine carriages

Matangi train launch in Wellington September 9

Tree fouls up tonight’s Wellington train services

Graffiti busters trying to stop tagging of new Onehunga station

ARTA scheme means 9619 fewer Auckland car trips

Messy morning for Wellington rail commuters

Wellington’s weekend train work runs into problems

Runaway train on the London Tube- near disaster

Onehunga trains to test line

Len Brown says he’ll keep pushing transport changesPhotos: Auckland’s worst rail station

Joyce says CBD rail loop possibly viable but forget North Shore rail or an airport rail link

Bill English calls CBD loop horrendously expensive

Onehunga’s new station will get a park and ride in time for the opening – latest Onehunga update

Work starts on Parnell train station design, Mainline Steam to stay, bus depot plan fades

Rail line shifted as work starts on transforming Wellington’s Waterloo Quay

Siding at Morningside for Rugby World Cup finished-= Photos

Crackdown on Auckland train fare evaders is working

Various overseas stories today

City Councillors take photographs of disgraceful Mt Albert station

Wellington media should lay off bashing the train services – improvements are coming

New Chinese train will reach speeds of 997 kilometres an hour

Morningside station gets a side track for use during RWC 2011

Polish engineer suggests electric pods above street level for Auckland airport rail link

Auckland Council takes action against prolific tagger

RWC emergency train stop at Strand now confirmed

Report into near freight train collision reveals the train controller was suffering work fatigue

Wellington passengers stage fare protest when their train is delayed

Trains will be testing the new Onehunga line in a few weeks -Latest photos

Penrose platform for the Onehunga line ready -Photos

Te Papapa stop on Onehunga line almost ready – Photos

Councillors wage war on rail graffiti and Mt Albert station’s poor state

Annual public transport patronage in Auckland cracks 60m for the year!

New Lynn’s proper train station entrance opens -Photos

Photos: Matangi trains ‘land’ on Wellington’s tracks

Jim Anderton says light rail in Christchurch is an expensive fantasy

Supermayoral candidates debate the CBD rail loop

Wellington’s new rail era begins with the arrival of the first Matangi train

Big rise in use of public transport in Auckland

1st Matangi electric train for Wellington arrives from South Korea

Train managers trying to be radio jocks & it isn’t working

Onehunga done and dusted almost – Latest Photos

Integrated ticketing milestone

Transport minister not yet convinced b y argument for CBD rail loop but likes Puhoi plan

What will the new integrated ticketing card be called?

Newmarket station looking wet and pretty vacant

Greens launch CBD rail loop campaign:



Ken Baguley speech

Wellington rail reaches another milestone

Joyce on Puhoi to Wellsford link and Waikato-Auckland rail costs

Parnell group turn up heat on KiwiRail over NZ Bus plans for Mainline Steam site

NZTA says no trade off between us getting a CBD rail loop or the Puhoi highway

Hobson community board reject plans for a Parnell bus depot where Mainline Steam is

Pics: Sturges Rd rail replacement bridge progress

Parnell train station supporters face off to KiwiRail

Councillors order clean up of Mt Albert train station

Another India rail collision, over 60 die, hundreds hurt- Videos

Rail unions want some work for Auckland electric trains

Hyde Railway station for sale in Sth Island

Pics: Onehunga train station close up 9 weeks out from opening

Pics: New Lynn transport hub latest

Pics: How Manukau rail link looks today

KiwiRail down to 4 for bids for Auckland’s electric trains

Onehunga train station plan and problems update

1st of Wellington’s new Matangi electric trains shipped

KiwiRail tells the ARC they need to ‘unpick’ Auckland’s passenger rail costs

Greens launch campaign to fast track Auckland CBD loop

7000 used rail to get to Eden Park for the Tri-Nations

ARC wants Auckland airport rail link wider than just CBD to airport

Latest photos of Onehunga train station construction

National’s Tim Macindoe explains opposition to Waikato rail

Police: Eden park Tri-Nations- Public transport made a difference

Eden Park’s $3m walkway opens

Kingsland station underpass opens

Eden Park- Sandringham Rd car ban works well

RWC public transport dry runAuckland airport rail link process starts

Kingsland station ready for All Blacks match to test RWC arrangements

CBD rail loop business case close to finishing

Melbourne’s myki havoc continues

Kingsland revamped train station opened by RWC 2011 Minister Murray McCully

Photos: How Onehunga train station looks 10 weeks out from opening

Trains to Henderson on Sundays- but we need more weekend trains

Newmarket’s Station Square is still grim – but check out how grim Broadway has become

Photos: How Kingsland’s new station revamp for RWC 2011 looks

Inside Manukau’s rail trench – close up photos

Wellington mayoral candidate wants light rail by 2020

Bigger Kingsland station opens Monday

KiwiRail confirms Stratford-Okahukura rail Line stays mothballed

New Lynn bus train interchange- latest photos

Platform preparation for 6 car trains

Manukau rail trench ahead of schedule

Train calculator on saving of carbon emissions

Onehunga station construction Videos and Photos

Videos and pictures of the Kingsland train station revamp for the RWC 2011

NZTA move to progress next Waitemata harbour crossing

KiwiRail needs $20m to keep Napier-Gisborne line going

Video: Crossing tracks in Spain kills 12

Kingsland train station upgrade for RWC 2011- latest videos

Minister confirms Gisborne-Hawke’s Bay line may be mothballed

Photos: Onehunga station platform starts

Christchurch’s Mayor is buzzing about light rail for the city

Is Greenlane train station the worst in Auckland?

Train evasion ticket checks this week

Manawatu-Wanganui worst place for rail level crossing accidents

Moves to save East Coast Hawkes Bay-Gisborne rail line

Video: Onehunga site is cleared for the new station

Te Papapa and Penrose II street furniture arrives: Photos

New shelters at Mt Albert station are hand me downs

Kingsland platforms extended: VIDEOS and PHOTOS

Mt Albert train station gets its platforms extended: Photos

Wellington’s present trains may get refurbished and continue to run

Video: Avondale’s first day

Wellington public transport fares to rise

Western line timetable goes back to normal

Latest Photos: Wellington’s new Matangi trains

ARC and ARTA study farebox recovery plan impact

Study for rail to Orewa starts

Videos: Double tracking between Avondale and New Lynn train stations completed

ARC committee opts for Cheshire St for Parnell train station

Carlaw park may be the Parnell train station after all

Mystery of man killed by train solved

Video: Scotland: Train derails, catches on fire

Let’s remind ourselves of the history of light rail in Auckland before we condemn the trams proposal

Photos: Kingsland train station has to be ready for July 10 Springboks game at Eden Park

Auckland tram debate hots up

Photos: Work today on the commissioning of a second line between Avondale – New Lynn

Campaign against Auckland trains sounding their horns

Photos: Big weekend of rail work starts in Auckland

Man hit by train may be from Christchurch

ARTA releases public transport report

New Onehunga rail station will mean bus services change

Crazy rail work week ahead

Trams return to Auckland waterfront

Waikato -Auckland commuter rail plan gets more buy in from Environment Waikato

Mystery man hit by train confirms he is Alan

Sydney report says its CityRail is near paralysis

Plan for trains between Auckland and Hamilton during RWC 2011

Levin police can’t identify man hit by train

Greens call farebox recovery plan shortsighted

New work for RWC 2011 around Kingsland station starts Monday

65 dead in India train smash- Video

NZTA’s Farebox Recovery Scheme is launched – stand by for fare increases

Rail projects coming to an end – key dates

Why I have almost given up on public transport

Video, photos: New Lynn’s train station – work being done today

Avondale’s new station and double tracking: Videos Photos, details

Bill English says rail is ‘nostalgic”

Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative plans on display

Videos: Kingsland train station extended for RWC2011

RWC 2011 ticketholders will get free public transport to Eden Park

Rail unions declare victory in Buy in NZ campaign


Government says investment in rail will help when oil prices go up

Union says rail privatisation has been discounted

KiwiRail CEO on what the plan means

Governments $4.6b KiwiRail turnaround plan

Labour calls plan miserly

Government confirms MetroRail fare increase

Mike Lee calls for more rail investment

Plan released on how to get people to Eden Park RWC 2011 matches

Official: Auckland’s new trains must be iPad friendly

Plans continue for an Auckland waterfront tram service

Talks on Friday to progress plan for a Parnell station near Cheshire St

Huapai rail service may start next February

Rail workers “gutted” by KiwiRail decision not to build Auckland’s trains here

Auckland trains won’t be built here- KiwiRail’s final word

Anger over discovery Auck ratepayers paying for Auck’s electric trains

ARC Chair tells ARTA & KiwiRail to lift their game over Onehunga rail line timeline

Plan for Mt Albert transport hub unveiled

Mt Albert rail station platforms extended

Auckland’s new electric trains will be ready for a CBD loop

Waikato rail idea not dead

Onehunga station moves forward

Better train safety needed

US celebrates National Rail Day

Photos: Onehunga line- Penrose, Te Papapa

New rail station at Stoddard Rd

Union says Dunedin unemployed could build trains there

Transit Auckland apps released for iPhone and iPod

Photos: Kingsland station platforms grow

Steven Joyce unconvinced by call for trains to be built here

Manukau rail trench – Video, photos

Manukau’s new station- latest photos

Wellington’s Redwood station re-opens -Photos

Rail tunnel near Greymouth demolished

Wellington public transport to get real time info -trial starts

Latest stats suggest worst of Auckland’s rail delays are over

Auckland’s rail patronage hits record high

Storm brews over call for Auckland electric trains to be built here

Busy weekend ahead for Wellington rail improvements

Berl report urges Auckland’s electric trains to be built in NZ

Beehive bins Waikato-Auckland commuter rail petition

1 in 5 Melbourne trains are late!

Onehunga train station site cleared and new station designs- Photos

New -style barrier arms installed at Mt Eden’s George St crossing – Photos

New Lynn station grows- latest photos

Photos: Avondale’s new station gets polished

West Coast steam returns -Video

Australian Greens launch high speed rail campaign

Video, Photos: Demolition for new Onehunga train station

Mike Lee asks if ratepayers will pay for new electric trains

Photos: I love Wellington and its trains

Greens say transport minister short sighted

Mike Lee attacks transport minister’s comments

Govt to put capital into KiwiRail

Smart cards wont be like Eftpos cards

Photos: Inside Wellington’s new trains

Fonterra wants to use more rail in South island at Edendale

Video: New concept- train that doesn’t stop at stations

Waitakere train station carpark fixed

Photos: New Avondale train station wrapped up

Rail strike hits France

Passengers scramble for trains after Iceland volcanic ash cloud affects air travel

1st weekend train breaks down -Photos

Minister quoted as saying rail services can’t be treated as charity

Johnsonville station upgrade starts

Waikato rail campaign continues

Wellington train fleet may get spruce up

Britomart escalator needs maintenance -again

Onehunga resource consent close while demolition starts – Photos

Capital trains woes

Proposed Britomart to Kumeu rail service stalled?

CBD rail loop -ARC agrees with planned option

Onehunga train station progress at last!

Major crackdown on train fare evasion

Italy train derails – latest from CNN Video

Mayor John Banks wants more rail as a solution to Auckland’s transport issues (Guest Post)


Goodbye Boston Rd train station , Hello World class Newmarket -are railway stations

Videos and photos: First commuter train arrives at Grafton train station

Videos- Steven Joyce opening Grafton says  good transport boosts Auckland’s economy

Auckland’s big rail day in photos

Steven Joyce unveils plaque

Station looks stunning

Various speeches

Mike Lee’s speech

First Monday Grafton in use looks promising

Integrated ticketing gets national standard

Minister to open Grafton station

Latest rail patronage figures -and ARTA predicts end to delays

Real time info on its way

Inquiry into Auckland train guard’s reaction to breastfeeding Mum

Auckland’s  Strand railway station – what should be done?

Real estate head: Future Auckland needs high speed rail

Workers flat out today on new Grafton train station – Today’s photos

New Lynn’s new transport hub continues to grow -Photos

Western Line duplication work going well – Today’s Photos

Auckland’s autumn Easter rail spruce up continues

Western Line second track laying – VIDEO and PHOTOS

Video, photos of track maintenance work over Easter

Westfield junction gets upgrade

Easter shutdown begins

Onehunga station- Photo update

Te Papapa station update -Photos

Report in freight train derailment

Inside the Manukau construction site -Photos

Grafton at platform level -Photos

Want to control the signals?

Lolly scramble at Britomart

Another issue at Wellington

Brisbane sets a timely example

Wgtn Train driver runs red light

New KiwiRail chair announced

Moscow subway bombing Videos

Moscow subway bombing update Video

Sth Island rail level crossing crash

Google Transit now covers Auck Trains

Waikato rail petition presented


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