No trains but that’s all good


We had to survive the Easter weekend without trains or proper services - and a holiday revised RailBus service but this was good news. dscn2184dscn2183

Construction workers were busy moving ahead with the various rail developments around Auckland especially in Newmarket.

Motorists continue to curse all the work being done around the Khyber Pass-Grafton areas but in the long term some of this work is needed to give us electrification.

The Khyber Pass and Park Rd overbridges are being rebuilt at the same time but being done in stages so that traffic can still flow - be it reduced - along the busy roads.

This won’t be finished until around August.

I hear motorists complaining. Sorry but rail passengers have a right to improvements also. Besides this is Auckland. There always seems to be some sort of construction work holding up your car traffic flow.

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