Train driver doses off for 15kms


The Transport Accident Investigation Commission is quite rightly calling for changes in the way trains are monitored while moving, and in the way drivers are tested for sleep disorders.

It’s latest report on how a train driver dozed for nearly 30 minutes as his fully laden freight train travelled for 15 kilometres down tracks it had no permission to be on is a shocker.

The report says (Thanks Chris R for the link) it could have been avoided had the rail industry used its computerised vigilance systems to full potential.

KiwiRail says it sends six drivers to a sleep clinic each year. Save the money - tell them to get a job where their sleep problems won’t risk the public.




  1. Chris R says:

    I click on the “report” link to get the newspaper article. The proper “report” is here and it says an awful lot more than the Stuff report.


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