Feast on what’s in store for us in Newmarket


This is amazing for any of us who remember standing on the old drafty Newmarket station where there weren’t even any signs saying what platform trains were arriving or wondering - when a train did arrive - where it was going and having to ask the guard!

And that was only a year or so ago.

This time next year we will be enjoying this amazing Newmarket hub.

After the photos I posted the other day of the development, many of you have asked what the new station will actually look like when finished.

Thanks very much to Stefan Geelen at Opus Architecture and ARTA for sending these to me so we can all see and congratulations on an impressive design. I can’t wait! What do you think?

viewing platform fm southern concourse

Remuera Rd entrance
viewing-station-entrance-fm-station-square-2Viewing southern concourse fm platform




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