Mind The Gap - But What If You’re Disabled?

" Look at the gap.  I have grazed my leg about 3 times trying to get into it."

" Look at the gap. I have grazed my leg about 3 times trying to get into it."

London - style “Mind The Gap” signs have been painted on Auckland platforms - but for disabled people this just triggers the final insult.

Reader Jess writes wanting something done about the distance between the platform and some of the trains - sending in the photo (top right) to show the problem. He adds: “Look at the gap. I have grazed my leg about 3 times trying to get into it.”

I’ve noticed signs appearing above passenger seats just inside carriage doors asking that the seat be given up if there are people disabled, a senior standing or a mother with children. That’s not much good if the disabled can’t even make it on the train.

The London Underground

The London Underground

The way the trains are so crowded now and tend to sway about, it must be a nightmare if disabled can’t get proper seating accommodation.

Besides the platform / train height ratio, Jess also say there are other issues:
“1. They don’t accept the Total Mobility Cards - The ARC says its for “Transport” taxis only - Maybe it will change under the super city
2. On MAXX’s website they miss out and ignore people with physical disabilty - like myself whom walks with a walking stick.”

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  1. Toni says:

    Good issue to raise. I hate seeing passengers in difficulty and no one to help them. I hope you get some action Jess.

  2. Thanks for your support Toni.

  3. Andy B says:

    This is outrageous in 2009. Cant the authorities get this right? Good on you for starting this campaign. My mum’s in a wheelchair and i would love to take her into the city for a train ride for mothers day.

  4. Suzie says:

    Tonight I was ona train and the locomotive engine had a blue disabled sticker on it. What does that mean? Does it mean its certified disabled friendly or something?

  5. Suzie,

    It would mean it has the ramp in the carriage.

  6. Thomson says:

    That Mobility card issue is appalling. I cant believe they would do this. I doubt it will change because of the super city. But it sure needs to change NOW!

  7. Thomson,

    I agree it should of changed years ago through

  8. [...] Auckland’s Train System has really annoyed me because it is not disabled friendly below is what I wrote to Aucklandtrains.co.nz. [...]


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