Morningside’s new railway station ready in July


Morningside is the latest Auckland railway station to finally get a modern look. A new station will emerge in July to replace the very last century - looking rundown station there presently.

MORNINGSIDE: The present run-down station

MORNINGSIDE: The present run-down station

It's like taking an Outward Bound course to get to the train

It's like taking an Outward Bound course to get to the train

Fencing was put up over the Christmas rail shutdown period and workmen occasionally pottered about for months but finally this week, work began in earnest with big holes being built, diggers taking up room on the platform and passengers having to manoeuvre a tricky Outward Bound obstacle course to jump on a train.

The work should be finished about July and will look like Mt Eden’s station.
Morningside’s station needs to spruce itself up as it will be used as an overlap station for nearby Kingsland passengers heading to the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
Two questions remain: Anyone want the run down old station? Otherwise, I might like it for my backyard instead of buying new outdoor furniture. And will there be enough shelter from the wind and rain elements which can be quite severe at Morningside?

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  1. [...] I checked it out yesterday and people were struggling to find anywhere they could stand on the platform which is boarded off with high security fencing while the work is being done - and when the train arrived, they had to run the obstacle course on slippery wet gravel and stones as only a couple of doors were open and they were further up the station platform amidst the work. This is madness. It wasn’t this crazy when I reported on progress a month ago. [...]


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