Rush-hour Signal Crash on Western Line (Again)


Confused passengers get out wondering why train has stopped

Western line services ground to a halt just before 5pmĀ  - thanks to yet another signal crash.

This time the signal fault was at Boston Rd.

Trains stopped, passengers got out wondering what the delay was - or they stopped mid-station.

Just what Auckland needs on a rainy Monday rush hour night.

It keeps happeningĀ  -and yes help is on the way with major signal improvements.

But the bulk of that is earmarked for next Christmas holidays. Finishing date a year away.How can we wait that long?

Surely something can be done before then?

This is beyond a joke.

If the comments from passengers tonight were accurate, some people will be changing to buses as this is the last straw.




  1. Sam Finnemore says:

    Another washout this morning - will email with details soon.


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