Another Day, Another Delay


DSCN2236 It’s time for Transport Minister and Minister In Favour Of Cars to come and join us on a trip to the city.

Today’s morning rush hour points failure - coming after an evening rush hour signals failure - has pushed commuters too far.

This morning, trains were cancelled, delayed and packed.

And even when the trains finally made it close to Britomart, the rescheduled arrivals meant long waits on the side before the tunnel waiting for a train to leave so there was a spare berth at the Brit.

At Britomart, commuters were also overheard berating guards for not getting to their work on time because of the subsequent delays leaving the Brit.

It’s not the guards fault  - nor the poor harassed  Red Ambassadors who are paid peanuts to dish out the bad news or explain the unexplainable..

And it has become all bad. With the government fudging it on their plans for electrification and ordering new trains (the Minister says he will have something before Cabinet in a few weeks - I assume probably some complex private funding plan), it’s time the government stopped giving just handouts to roading and came and saw our suffering.

It’s painful listening in to the mobile conversations as passengers try to explain once again to their disbelieving bosses they are late for work once again because they are stuck on a train or one doesn’t arrive.

And what of today’s loudspeaker communications? It’s great to announce the train is finally arriving in one minute after all the delays - but if you are at Avondale and the announcement actually applies to New Lynn but if being broadcast region-wide, the information is useless.

Mind you, that’s if you can ever hear the announcements properly. They used to be loud enough to wake the sleeping dogs. is it just my hearing or have they gone semi-mute?

And feel for those Morningside commuters like our faithful correspondent Sam Finnemore who got caught in this morning’s delays. He reports that the new station is coming together but there’s still no seating.

Good luck tomorrow - I noticed yellow “Caution” tape was placed all along the Britomart- bound side of the station this afternoon because of some part of the construction going on.

Tomorrow morning, if it’s still up, Morningside commuters  won’t just have to stand while waiting but will need to practice their Matrix-style leaps from the nearby panelbeaters roof to be able to land on the station to grab a train!





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