Last Push for the Hamilton Rail Service


DSCN1662.JPGMaybe we should all hire a train for the night of the 23rd to get to Hamilton to help get  the Hamilton rail service over the last piece of line!

The Hamilton City Council should make its final decision at a meeting on June 24.

The night before Campaign for Better Transport is holding a public meeting. here are the details:

23rd June, 7:30pm - 9pm,  Reception Lounge, Hamilton City Council, Garden Place
Speakers: Jon Reeves - CBT, Dave McPherson - HCC Councillor,Jacqui Graham - WISE Group.

Hamilton’s Mayor Bob Simcock is quoted in the Waikato Times as saying said there was a lot of doubt about the Transport Agency coming through with the needed subsidy “as the current Government didn’t appear to have rail as a priority.” He’s got it right there!

He added: “There’s a lot of work gone into to make sure the conversation can occur. If it can be done at a reasonable cost to the region we will certainly look at it.”





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