Hamilton Rail Campaign Takes To The Airwaves


DSCN0870Here is the radio commercial advertising Tuesday’s Hamilton public meeting on the Waikato - Auckland rail link.

Love the old tram-sounding ding ding of the bell!

Good on the CBT for running radio ads and getting the community excited and so involved.

Let’s hope it’s a success.

Listen below - you may need QuickTime

CBT Tues Ham 015604518

Reminder the meeting is next Tuesday 23rd June, 7:30pm – 9pm,  Reception Lounge, Hamilton City Council, Garden Place Speakers include  Jon Reeves – CBT, Dave McPherson – HCC Councillor,Jacqui Graham – WISE Group.

A big turnout will be a great way to prove this is needed. Let’s face it a Hamilton link should be the start of services that will extend further throughout Waikato and who knows what could follow  - Tauranga would be nice and let’s not forget Whangarei.

Especially as there are questions being raised about the Helensville - Auckland weekday service which apprently is getting an average of only 35 people.





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