Shocking US Commuter Train Smash (video)


It’s every train commuter’s nightmare.
Today, the worst Metro rail accident in Washington DC history - at least nine people were killed and at least 75 injured when one Metro subway train slammed into another on the outskirts of the city during the afternoon rush hour.

A spokesman said both trains contained six cars. The trailing train, she said, struck the other train from the rear and its “first car overrode the last car of the other train in an accordion fashion.”

In a Boston accident in May and a commuter train accident near Los Angeles last fall, the operators were sending text messages just before the accidents. Since then, the California Public Utilities Commission has banned train engineers from using cell phones on duty.

The Washington transit authority told investigators that trains normally operate in automatic mode at rush hour, adding that investigators were trying to determine whether that was true during the accident.

This video , details and photo from CNN:





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