Light Rail For Downtown For RWC?


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Cameron Pitches of the Campaign for Better Transport is today suggesting that as well as thinking about improving Auckland’s waterfront in time for the Rugby World Cup, what about a light rail option in the downtown area?

He says:

The distance from the ferry terminals and Britomart in downtown Auckland to the new Wynyard Quarter is about a kilometre, too far for many people to consider walking. A light rail system linking Britomart with the Wynyard Quarter and work places at the Viaduct would be a unique point of difference. Heritage trams capable of running on the same tracks could also add to the character.

Let’s get the Motat trams (upper left) back on the real streets and add some character to soul less Auckland city. I’m a huge fan of Melbourne trams (upper right) and this could really be fun and useful and a great talking point.

Now how do we make it happen?




  1. Sam F says:

    “Now how do we make it happen?”

    Good question.

    The RWC seems to have brought plenty of harebrained schemes out to get some kind of semi-serious airing. You’ve disguised it cunningly, but I fear the authorities are too too wily to pick up your secretly sensible proposal.

    After all, if vintage trams downtown were a major hit they just even have to keep them, and we just can’t have that on the streets of carloving Auckland.

  2. jimmy says:

    we just can’t have that on the streets of carloving Auckland… hahah thats funny. bUt i wish it wasnt true. How come the car fanatics have taken over again just as Obama starts preaching green transport?

  3. maggiemay says:

    Trams in Melbourne are a good way around the city and I like using them to go to places like St Kilda. i wonder why they took them away in Auckland.

  4. Sam F says:

    “How come the car fanatics have taken over again just as Obama starts preaching green transport?”

    I don’t think the car fanatics have ever left, in the US or elsewhere… and the Auckland trams were, as far as I know, removed to make room for cars and buses.

  5. AR says:

    I dont think it will happen for some time yet. In Auckland, all you can do is TALK, TALK, TALK and talk. There have been so many innovative ideas presented over the past years about transport, and what do we get? Apart from nothing really, we get a HUGE motorway running through Mt Albert.

  6. It is shocking to think that Auckland had a tremendous tram system with all the infrastructure in place - they ripped it all up for the sake of gas guzzling cars - unbelievable, I would love to see trams running from Aotea Square, down Queen Street and along Quay street all the way to the proposed Silo Park. Another area where a tram will work well is up and down Ponsonby Road. If only ….


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