Top CEO Slams Investment In Rail


DSCN2542Here’s what a top NZ CEO thinks of Auckland having a passenger train service:

“I can‚Äôt understand why we continue to invest heavily in rail and particularly passenger rail. In our country, it will always be an incredibly expensive form of transport which relatively few people in Auckland will be able to access.”

The CEO‚Äôs comments were contained in a Herald newspaper supplement in which top boardroom members discuss issues of the day. The comments are attributed only as being from “a supermarket chain boss” which could be someone from one of two companies.

Elsewhere in the supplement there are comments attributed directly to the Foodstuffs (Auckland) chief executive  - but he assures me he did not make the comments above about rail.




  1. William M says:

    I wonder how our Minister of Transport would take a grilling from the Chamber of Commerce, etc. If there was enough support behind commuter rail from business, Mr Joyce would have a real fight on his hands.


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