New Lynn Rail Trench Project Ahead Of Schedule


trenchholeGood to see one Auckland rail project boasting it’s ahead of schedule. New Lynn’s rail trench is ahead, seen here at the corner of Clark St and Hetana Ave where there will be the new railway station as part of the New Lynn transport hub. The new platform, to be located below ground, will be accessible from Memorial Drive and Hetana Sts.

The New Lynn project is one of the most visible in the region, as it’s right in the hub of the busy intersection near Lynmall and the New Lynn shops and is the source of interest as passengers await a train. It should be finished by this time next year.pipes

farmersFletcher was given Ontrack’s $100m rail trench project which involved constructing a kilometre of rail trench up to eight metres deep with a new central island platform.  The trench walls are constructed as a diaphragm with every third panel founding on rock at depths of up to 35 metres.






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