Newmarket Is Smelling Nice (Video Photos)


DSCN2228DSCN2225I love wandering around Newmarket smelling the rail development.08.11.14 006 (Large)
Everywhere you look there is work being done. When I get miserable about the indecisiveness of the present administration about a commitment to rail, I have a look at the legacy from the earlier decision - making period which is producing a new Newmarket station hub, new track layout and an improved Remuera overbridge. And that’s exciting. You can not only see the progress but realise it’s not far away from completion.

08.12.18 026 (Large)

William M has done this great video departing from Remuera train station, passing through the construction of Newmarket station, and ending in the Britomart tunnel.




  1. William M says:

    Got to admit. It is sheer torture commuting through that station. Newmarket will overshadow Britomart as the jewel of the Auckland rail network crown.

  2. Cambennett says:

    I wouldn’t even describe the current government’ position on rail as indecicive. They have made their decision and formulated policy accordingly. Roads over rail.


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