Train Managers Hanky Panky Ruling


remuera 659The employment relations authority has challenged Veoilia’s decision to dismiss a train manager (known as a conductor or guard to us).

According to the Herald on Sunday, the man lost his job after a fellow train conductor claimed that twice he had touched her inappropriately.

Veolia management concluded that “on the basis of probability, deliberate sexual harassment had occurred”  but the man went to the authority which said Veoila’s inquiry wasn’t full and fair enough to establish a “high degree’ of probability.

So the man is back on the job and Veoila has been ordered to give him 30 weeks of lost wages and $5000 compensation for humiliation.

The article says Veolia argued that having the man back on the trains was impractical and unsafe.

NB Photo: Not of the people involved.




  1. William M says:

    Nice bum shot there - jk ;-)


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