Southern Line Projects becoming Visible


IMG_0159The new work on the southern line is now becoming more visible. William M who travels on it with his camera gives us this update from his observations (thanks William). Good to see his photos of the Newmarket station close up - more here

I see he’s had the same problem as me trying to take photos through a train window which have been scratched. Those vandals don’t help those of trying to shoot photos en route, damn you!

Manukau Branch Line

The corridor is currently being prepared for base pour of concrete foundation for the tracks. The area around the SH1-SH20 link bridge over the NIMT and the Wiri junction is a busy area, especially in the off-peak periods, where Wiri’s points are set at a mandatory stop.

It looks like several sidings will built on the stretch from Nesdale Ave to near the end of Kerrs Road.

Onehunga Branch Line - construction on the western platform of Onehunga station is well underway, with soil being removed - a mandatory stop is in place just off the points from the down line, and it appears they have done some work to the points at IMG_0169some point over one of the the recent weekends.IMG_0158
Newmarket Station

Platforms are starting to look more like platforms, with tactile dot tiles now in place on the up line platform. A shrink-wrapped escalator has just appeared to be installed from the southern concourse from Remuera Road. Tiles in the roof of the shelter now appear to be almost (if not fully) installed. With a bit of tar seal and some signage, one platform will be almost
complete! (*jump for joy*).




  1. Ian says:

    Thanks for the updates. I’m starting to feel a little nostalgic about the days of subbies hauled by De’s, DG’s etc.

  2. Jon C says:

    You never know your luck! Whatever age of them it will great to see that link in action.

  3. William M says:

    UPDATE: Looks like there are railbus replacements on the line between Homai Station and
    Otahuhu Station between 7am Saturday 12th September and 7pm Sunday
    13th September. Probably for Ontrack to work intensively on the junction at Wiri. My guess is it’ll allow Ontrack to move rails between their yard at Otahuhu and the worksite without having to worry about commuter rail traffic. Other trains will simply be shunted off the down line that will be occupied for the duration of the works.


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