Southern Line Confusion this Weekend


otahuhu Buses are running instead of trains between shabby Otahuhu railway station (left) and Homai both days this weekend but the fact a different timetable is running has been poorly advertised.

I caught a southern line service from Newmarket south today and was amazed how many people didn’t know the timetable had changed and were anxious why their expected train didn’t arrive  - and two groups of people in the carriage got on the wrong train.

At Otahuhu where the service ended, there were two trains and no one seemed clear which one was running via Glen Innes and the other Newmarket south.

Not good enough.

There have been notices about the buses running but the special timetable has been poorly advertised and isn’t even made clear on the Maxx site travel updates- other than a message to carefully check times.




  1. William M says:

    The timetable was nearly as bad. In places, it would say that trains going ‘via Glen Innes’ would stop at Newmarket South, Remuera, Greenlane…

    I think MAXX did a rather OK job of making people aware of the railbus replacements. Posters had been up at stations since mid August, and it was widely notified on websites, etc.


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