New Lynn Work Ahead of Schedule - Trains In March


new lynn-jpgThe New Lynn train trench project is running ahead of schedule.pipes (1)

Excavation and construction of the bridges are going so well, there is now an expectation trains will be running through the trench next March.

While Waitakere mayor Bob Harvey has championed the New Lynn transport hub development, it’s good to see transport minister Steven Joyce also enthused.

In a note he sent to a Waitakere council ceremony to celebrate progress this week, the minister explained why he likes it: “One of the key issues for transport is getting the right balance of local, nation al and regional input and ensuring that transport infrastructure projects are successfully matched with land use development. New Lynn has shown the way and the investment mix.”

Funding has been shared between Kiwirail, NZTA, Waitakere council, the ARC and ARTA.




  1. Clark says:

    And it was already ahead of scheduale. Orginally I beleive construction was meant to be completed at the beginning of 2011, then pushed forward to mid 2010, now march. Just great stuff.

    I currently take the service through New Lynn every day,this will make my journey quite a bit shorter (about 5 - 10 minutes)I think, and services will be improved slightly later to 10 minute frequencies once the refurbished trains are delivered.

  2. Jon C says:

    Can’t wait Clark. It should be a fantastic place.

  3. Patrick says:

    New Lynn is already a good destination in itself, but after the trench we’re also getting all of Waitakere Cities massive town centre redevelopment. The plans just look awesome, and it will work better, because it’s largely working already.

  4. Trevor says:

    Town Centre Redevelopment, have not heard of that one yet!


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