More Great News For Motorway Fans


motorMore great news for Auckland for motorway users.

The transport minister and Auckland mayor this morning held a celebration for the official start to construction of a new southern motorway southbound lane between the Market Rd off ramp and the Greenlane interchange, bringing the total to four lanes.

The $18m project will be completed in February 2011 and later that year will tie into the new four-lane southbound Newmarket Viaduct – to provide four lanes south from the city to Greenlane.

The extra lane will also help to better manage traffic flows from the city and prevent a bottleneck stacking up beyond the new viaduct.

Three metre high permanent concrete noise walls are a major part of the project and will be erected alongside the new lane. They will provide a visual and sound barrier for residents. The lane will be built within the existing motorway shoulder and crash barriers will also be installed to improve safety.

The old moveable barrier from the Auckland Harbour Bridge will be transferred to this area and used as the project progresses, to separate the motorway lanes when the work is taking place. case you’re wondering, no word yet on the electrification funding.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    Only $18 million to move the bottlenecks around..?

    No wonder transport planners come to Auckland to see what NOT to do… We’re in a 1970′s time machine…

  2. Joshua says:

    A project that I agree with as if not done now will be more expensive later. Also a project that needs to happen. Remember we need to build a sound balanced transport system so both PT and roading work together to provide the effective system, the bridge needs to be replaced for safety now so save money by doing work now and not later.

  3. jarbury says:

    It would be a bit daft to do the Newmarket Viaduct and not this part of the project, however…. yeah… about those electric trains Steven?

  4. Jeremy Harris says:

    I know 4 lane bridge into a 3 lane motorway would be ridiculous, although ridiculous is the name of the game in Auckland… Just venting Jarbury…


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