Waiheke Cycleway Trail Gets City Council Approval


waihekeIt’s amazing how attitudes have dramatically changed to cycling. Once considered the domain of nutcases, hippies and greenies or “poor people,” even the most unexpected amongst us see it as a good thing to be encouraged – especially if it brings tourists here to spend a buck.

The plan for Waiheke cycleway got a big push today. The Auckland City Council’s transport committee supported the concept for a cycleway between Matiatia and Onetangi.

The proposal involves both eastern and western routes across the island. The trail goes through a mix of residential and rural areas and an eastern loop taking in native bush and beaches.

The plan will now go forward to a feasibility study to the Ministry of Tourism and National’s Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye, herself a cyclist, is confident that there is enough government support to make this project happen as part of the government’s national cycleway. Thanks Nikki for your initiative.

The Waiheke cycleway now has wide support from the community, local body politicians, and the private sector, including Fullers Ferries.

Those supporting the project included Fullers’ CEO, Doug Hudson, former National Party president Michele Boag and Nikki Kaye.

Ms Kaye said few cities could boast having an island like Waiheke on their doorstep, and this means “we are one step closer to providing a world class beautiful tourist attraction on the island.”


Waiheke trail |cycleactionwaiheke.blogspot.com

The MP was recently injured while bike training for the Taupo race and says that once her ankle is better, she looks forward to personally testing out the future cycle trail.

Project partner Fullers recently received the 2009 national ‘cycle friendly business’ award.

The committee was also supportive of  Cycle Action Auckland and NextBike’s “Great Urban Rides” concept. It recommended the introduction and promotion of the three Great Urban Ride routes (Ponsonby Heritage Ride, Waitamata Harbour Ride, Maungawhau Volcanic Ride) by initially implementing signage that can be delivered thru existing budgets this financial year.


…….Great Urban Rides proposal: Orange- Existing cycle facilities: (Blue) Auckland City Future Cycle Network

The council’s transport planner said the implementation of a speed limit reduction on Ponsonby Road and the planned waterfront safety improvements integrated well with the Great Urban Ride proposal.

The first stage of the great Urban Rides route’s signage, at a cost of $40,000, could be funded through existing budgets and any future improvements will need to be prioritised as part of the delivery of the cycling and walking programme in future years.

Here’s more sweet cycling music to our ears from the council official:

“The Great Urban Rides proposal is supportive of the vision “More Aucklanders choose to walk and cycle more often” and the objectives set out in the council’s Cycling and Walking Framework. The proposal aligns with one of the council’s key Transport strategy that outlines the commitment to providing transport choices that result in a connected city that enables people to get around safely and efficiently and minimises negative effects on the environment and promote tourism.”

He said this financial year, the council is committed to delivering cycling and walking improvements in Onehunga, the Mt Roskill cone cycleway, enabling works for Ian McKinnon Drive and cycling and walking investigations for improvements along Tamaki Drive. Further cycling improvements are being introduced as part of the corridor improvements associated with the Wellesley – Grafton corridor project.

In the next financial year council’s focus will be on delivering cycling and walking improvements along Ian McKinnon Drive and along Tamaki Drive and provide some minor improvements to contribute to the Great Urban Rides.




  1. Danilo says:

    Fantastic news for Waiheke, and great write up Jon. This is a huge milestone for cycling and for Auckland tourism - massive thanks to Ms Kaye for making it happen.

  2. Max says:

    Well, Danilo, don’t forget Cycle Action Auckland, Cycle Action Waiheke and Nextbike!

    Though I fully agree - it is amazing how suddenly, people we were at loggerheads with a year ago are suddenly coming on board. Not without the odd quip (Ken Baguely to Christine Rose at the construction start of the Northwestern Cycleway upgrade “Oh, you got rained on on your bike? You should buy a car!”) but there really seems to be a substantial shift happening.


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