Blue Monster Is Distracting


Travelling down the southern motorway, it’s impossible not to miss the 140-metre long, 20 metre-high, 700-tonne gantry that towers above passing traffic around Newmarket.

It certainly blew me away when it suddenly dropped into view in my car window.crane

The transport agency is worried that the complexity, proximity and associated visual distractions of construction work on Stage 1 of the Newmarket Connection: Viaduct Replacement Project will prove too distracting from motorists who should be concentrating on their driving.

The agency says it’s doing all it can to keep this busy link in the motorway network open at near full capacity throughout what is a vital infrastructure improvement, but needs motorists to respect the new speed limits and drive with caution at all times.

So it’s released this YouTube video.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    It certainly is a bit distracting… I find myself watching the workers climbing over it slightly before avoiding a crash…


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