Phew! Integrated Ticketing Deal Sorted


The integrated ticketing saga will be done and dusted later today.

The word on the street is that ARTA will sign the deal with French company Thales later this afternoon.

As blogged last week, Infratil’s subsidiary Snapper, made a fuss last week about being able to offer its Snapper card as so-called integrated ticketing in time for the Rugby World Cup and offer it nationally without any cost to ratepayers.

ARTA reacted by saying that Snapper’s announcement of an integrated ticketing system for Auckland was ‘premature’. NZTA made it clear Snapper could also offer its card nationally but the decision had been made to go with French company Thales, which is ARTA’s preferred tenderer.

The only recent change was that the Thales system would also be offered nationally. The hope is that the first signs of the Thales system will be appearing in time for the RWC.

Thankfully, the debate is now over and both companies can offer their systems but Thales, as ARTA’s choice, and as a company with international experience in this,  will be used as the preferred company.




  1. James says:

    Fantastic, bring it on. Nice work ARTA.

  2. Commuter says:

    Maybe Infratil could now rename their Snapper cards, Eel cards, being slippery, definitely slimy and somewhat of an acquired taste.

  3. Jeremy Harris says:

    Lol, commuter… That is awesome…


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