Eden Park Link Lane Work Starts - Houses Being Relocated, Demolished (Photos)


As work progresses on improving Kingsland train station, including a new underpass for pedestrians, work has started on work around Sandringham Road itself.

Work is beginning on relocating three houses within their existing boundaries on Sandringham Rd, right opposite the Kingsland station. Being shifted are houses at 30 to 34 Sandringham Rd while the one at 38 Sandringham Rd is being demolished.


RELOCATED: Three houses opposite the Kingsland station

A major part of the work is creating a one way road from Sandringham Rd to Walters Rd, to provide better pedestrian access to Eden Park. The road will normally be a shared space and provide an alternative route for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers (one way only) travelling around the area. But when Eden Park games are on, the lane will be for pedestrians only.

MOVED: This house, shadowed by the towering groundstand

MOVED: This house, shadowed by the towering groundstand

So between now and September, roadworks around the Kingsland station area will include:

  • Creating a new southbound bus lane
  • Shifting the road south eastwards to allow for improvements to Kingsland station
  • Creating a new pedestrian crossing near the intersection of Walters and Sandringham Rds
  • Creating a new public space at the intersection of Walters Rd
  • Widening Sandringham Rd between Onslow Rd and Burnley Terrace and creating new footpaths
  • Undergrounding the existing overhead electric cables
  • Improved lighting
  • Late next year, footpath renewals, kerb extensions, road resurfacing

kimgs stilts

So between now and February, there will be the shifting of the houses to new sites within theirproperties, trenching work in Sandringham Rd for utility services and the demolition of 38 Sandringham.

ALIENS: Landed in Sandringham Rd

ALIENS: Landed in Sandringham Rd

Metrowater is upgrading the watermain along Sandringham Rd to double the capacity of the present system. A new large watermain is being built near the rail overbridge on the corner of Sandringham and New North Rds and from 10 Sandringham Rd to Reimers Ave.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    A bit of a disgrace what they are doing to those houses, they had some heritage protection, the rule book has been thrown out a bit for the RWC…

    A lot of work going on there, it’s good for me as I live near there, some ongoing benefit from the event…

  2. Wayne says:

    Another rediculous Rugby World Cup initiated idea. I imagine it would have cost upwards of $1 million to get those properties out of the way.

    We should have never accepted the RWC.

  3. Terrentius says:

    Sad to see the houses go but it could have been different if the waterfront Stadium was built. Plenty of people moaned about that project but there’s always a bigger price to pay with a suburban stadium. Very short sighted


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