NZTA To Encourage Auckland Motorists To Bike To Work Instead!


Here’s a surprise!

The transport agency may be building lots of new or upgraded motorways around Auckland but  it’s going to encourage Auckland motorists to switch to a cycle to get to work.  Yes, you heard that right.

ARTA and the Transport Agency have invented an Auckland-only incentive plan to get new cyclists on the roads  to encourage them to cycle to work.

A ‘Bike Wise to Work Challenge’ runs for 12 weeks from January 18. To make you commit, you will go online to and promise to make at least 10 trips during that time.

You’ll get weekly emails with motivational support and practical advice.

cyclingThe first 50 get a special goodie bag and everyone who signs up will receive a cycle map of their local area to help them plan their ride to work. You can use the challenge website to set your own target, and create a cycling habit that works for you.

To monitor your progress with ease, you can log each trip you make through the Bike Wise to Work website, and for each trip logged you’ll be rewarded with an entry into a monthly prize draw.

All participants who complete and log at least 10 cycle trips throughout the duration of the competition will be entered into a draw to win the star prize of an Avanti Explorer 8C bike fitted with mudguards, a rack and panniers. Plus, a bike lock, lights and an Avanti helmet.

This is great… all we need now is a guarantee the new cyclists will be safe!

And good on the transport agency for recognising the need to have cycling as part of the get-to-work mix.

That’s progress.




  1. Johans says:

    Considering there is no cycle link to the North Shore via the Harbour Bridge how is this going to work?

  2. Karsten says:

    Well, you could log two trips, one to the ferry and then one on the other side. That’s four trips in a normal day. Looks like the North Shore is at a slight advantage, right?

    NZTA have been talking to Getacross, and if they put their money where their mouth is (or what’s that saying?) they can’t but be supportive of the cycle link to the Shore.

  3. jarbury says:

    My word someone tell Steven Joyce that this disgraceful work is going on at NZTA! Don’t they know they should be taking money away from cycling and ploughing it into new state highways?

    This is simply disgraceful and Joyce needs to be informed immediately!

  4. Joshua says:

    lol, yea go tell that joycey boy!

  5. Jeremy Harris says:

    This is good but contrdictory…

    It’s like the government increase funding for smoking cessation while lowering the tax on cigarettes…

    The words “brewery”, “couldn’t”, “piss up” and “organise” come to mind…

  6. Jon C says:

    Good point Karsten.
    The update this week on that bridge cycle way plan from Get Across is:
    * NZTA confirm it can now technically be done. And that they are open to funding options like a toll
    * It will be on the City (best view) side
    * It will be under the bridge (so no impact on traffic lanes)
    * It has room for walkers and cyclists and lots of security and safety measures
    * It connects Westhaven Drive, Auckland to Princes St, Northcote Point
    * There’s the opportunity it built in time for Rugby World Cup

  7. Su Yin says:

    This is an annual event, if I recall correctly. I participated last year and got three colleagues on their bikes, although they keep it up.

    It can’t be a bad thing right, if this programme encourages more people out of their cars and onto their bikes? Then maybe (in a parallel universe), the NZTA will start slashing motorway funds and start allocating more money towards cycling and public transport.

    @Johans: It costs nothing extra to take your bike on the ferry, unlike the $1 surcharge on trains. But yeah, can’t wait for the Harbour Bridge cycleway!

  8. Su Yin says:

    Edit: I meant to say “they didn’t keep it up”

  9. Sam F says:

    I’m signed up. Two trips a day to and from work, five days a week, makes 50 kilometres a week.


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