Hamilton Gets Multi-Million Dollar Roading Present


A Hamilton to Auckland rail service link didn’t make it this year but Hamilton’s roading system has been given a multi-million dollar Christmas boost.

NZTA and the Hamilton City Council are to spend $7.5 million to fund a detailed investigation into Hamilton’s proposed Southern Links transport project.

The total construction cost of Southern Links has been tentatively estimated at $333 million and at this stage, is set to begin in the 2022/23 financial year .

The project involves 32 kilometres of new road including 20.7km of state highway and 11.3km of local roads in the city’s Peacockes Road area.

SH2 Maramarua Deviation Design Gets Underway

The Peacocke area is approximately 720 hectares of mostly rolling agricultural land in the south of Hamilton City. The area is defined by the Waikato River to the north and east, Gainsford Road and Peacockes Road in the south, and Ohaupo Road in the west.

When complete, it will link State Highway 1 from Kahikatea Drive to Tamahere in the south and SH3, from Lorne St to Hamilton International Airport.

NZTA considers this project is key to developing an integrated transport network for Hamilton and beyond as Southern Links would eventually link to the Waikato Expressway in the south of the city.

The money will be spent on extensive site investigations, including community consultation, to determine the best routes and design options for the proposed new transport corridor.

The investigation stage is part of the process of projects securing future design and construction funding.

It also means that the transport corridors could be secured and designated, meaning they would be allowed for in future land use planning.

The investigation would consider the long-term needs of the city, taking into account projected population and industrial growth.




  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    This is going to piss Jon R off no end (as it does me)…

  2. Luke says:

    What has this project got to do with ‘developing an integrated transport network’, what a joke. Also so much for roads costing $1 million a km, this is $11 million/km.


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