New Lynn Transport Centre On Track For September


It’s all quiet at New Lynn’s rail development at the moment while progress is made on the other rail projects around Auckland.
But things are on course for a September opening of what will be an exciting transport centre development, including the rail trench and station.
Here are some pictures of what it looks like today:

The big dig had finished by Christmas and the final base slab laid.

Work on the station inside the trench is well underway.

Around April, it’s expected the first train will be put in the trench. This will mean completing the temporary station and finishing the track foundations.
There is still disruption to traffic around the Totara Ave edges of the station development.
It will be great to have a co-ordinated bus and train system in place and right outside LynMall shopping centre as well.

Further down the track, work continues on track development between Whau Creek and St Georges Rd.




  1. rtc says:

    Great updates Jon! :-)


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