Westhaven Footbridge Final Design & Victoria Park Tunnel Project: Latest Photos, Update


Temporary road closures around Victoria Park the last few days , and especially in the Franklin Rd area, are signs of work getting serious now for the building of the Victoria Park tunnel.

Army of machines in the park ready to attack!

Earthmoving equipment sits in the northern end of the park now, near the skate park area.

The skate park will itself disappear while construction continues, but a new replacement skate park will be built when the project is completed.

There's a new road alignment near Victoria Markets

A major part of the construction will involve the historic Birdcage Hotel being relocated to facilitate construction from where it has sat for 123 years.

Birdcage Tavern will be moved

The cost of moving and restoring the tavern, which lies in the path of the  tunnel, has been reported to be up to $10 million.

Victoria Park will retain the same area of open space, while the current Ngapona land will be returned as new reserve area once the Fanshawe Street on-ramp is upgraded. This will connect St Marys Bay reserve to Victoria Park.

Jacob’s Ladder will also link to this new reserve area and a footbridge will link the reserve, across the motorway to the Westhaven area.

Jacob's Ladder in St Marys Bay leads to the motorway

Here is my earlier story on the design being considered for the footbridge.

Below is the NZTA’s final design of the footbridge.

Earlier, speed restrictions were put in place on the St Mary’s Bay side of the bridge motorway.

Project overview | NZTA

The project will be completed in 2012 –  ahead of the original four-year schedule.

The project involves construction of a tunnel beside the Victoria Park viaduct and conversion of the existing viaduct to four southbound lanes. The number of lanes between the viaduct and the Harbour Bridge will be increased to five northbound lanes and five lanes with a bus lane for southbound traffic.

The 440 metre long tunnel beneath Victoria Park, will provide three lanes for northbound traffic.





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