How Auckland’s Integrated Ticketing Should Be In A Few Years! (Videos)


Reader James has just spent a week in Hong Kong and during his time there, bought an Octopus Card. It shows how great integrated smartcard ticketing will be for us once we get it in a few years.

Here’s his report and he shares the videos he took at a station:

The first video is using the ticket card at the Admiralty MTR Station in Hong Kong - and it shows how fast it is to process the cards through the turnstiles.

Notice that the woman at the end of the clip is fumbling but only because she can’t find her card, which is a single journey ticket.

This video shows us that same busy Hong Kong train interchange station at a platform level - passengers getting off a Tsuen Wan line train and crossing the platform for an Island Line train. Which arrived a few minutes later

Thanks James for those videos!





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