Newmarket Track Work Continues Today While Others Ponder - Latest Photos


While ARC’s chairman  scratches his head about  the revelations that Ontrack has decided not to install one of the track links between the western line and platform 4 at the new Newmarket station, workers today continue to frantically try to get the Newmarket junction track work finished before the week’s end.

So I popped by with the camera to see how things look at the moment:




  1. Kiwipom says:

    i like the artwork in photo 3, am just wandering how long it will be before it is tagged and don’t look so nice

  2. Matt L says:

    I think taggers have a bit more respect for artwork than they do for blank walls. In the past walls that had murals and other artwork on them typically weren’t touched.

  3. Sonicantz says:

    Are they planning do tidy up and do some asthetic work around the station? eg tidy the edges and do planting. It might be random, but a glade of native trees like pongas or something would be pretty cool in that middle triangle between the 3 track routes (where the vans are parked in pic 1).

  4. rtc says:

    That triangle is the site of a future large mall and apartment complex (which will link into the station and Broadway) so will likely be left as it is.

    Murals are typically never graffitied, all the more reason for some mural type artworks along the blank walls along rail corridors. Alternatively, better planting to screen and hence reduce the appeal of such walls.

  5. Simon says:

    Yes, greenery is always the best solution to tagging! Bet it won`t take long for the nice wooden retaining wall at Mt.Eden to get tagged to bits.


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