Auckland Motorway Projects Pushed Forward


The Lincoln Road interchange on the Northwestern Motorway will now commence construction this year .

And NZTA has decided to apply for the Waterview Connection to be considered under the new national consenting process.

That was announced this morning by transport minister Steven Joyce during an inspection of the project at the Hobsonville Deviation.

Mr Joyce said that the new consenting process for the Waterview Connection project would replace the usual two-step process of a council hearing followed by an Environment Court hearing, with either a single hearing before a board of inquiry, or a direct referral to the Environment Court.

“The ability to make a direct application to the Environment Protection Agency under the RMA was introduced by Government last year to streamline the decision-making process on matters of national significance”, he said.

“I’m pleased to see that the NZTA is seeking to use this provision to ensure community involvement in this sensitive project while keeping to the completion date of 2015/16.”
“By completing the Western Ring Route, including the Waterview Connection, we will be able to unlock the benefits of the entire 48 kilometre corridor.”

The NZTA confirmed the alignment change for the Waterview Connection announced in December that reduces the number of affected properties for no extra cost.

The revised alignment allows the SH20 route to be shortened while making the tunnelled section deeper and longer. This refinement to the combined surface-tunnel route means the tunnels will be continuous from where they go underground in Alan Wood Reserve to where they rise to the surface to meet SH16 at Waterview Park. It will eliminate the previous gap between the two tunnelled sections.

The NZTA is now carrying out geotechnical studies and continuing with design work on the project, and expects to lodge an application with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) by June this year.

Construction on the project is likely to start in mid to late 2011 with an anticipated completion date in the 2015/16 financial year.

Also announced today:  construction of the Lincoln Road interchange has been brought forward and will commence this year, following the appointment last week of contractors to undertake the next phase of design.
Earlier today Mr Joyce visited construction sites on the Western Ring Route and Victoria Park roads of national significance.

“These vital improvements will go a long way to providing the cohesive motorway network that Aucklanders expect.”




  1. Matt L says:

    “I’m pleased to see that the NZTA is seeking to use this provision” - Because Steven told them to or else.

    Any idea on what changes we can expect at Lincoln Rd? (getting on the motorway here heading towards the city is pretty bad at the moment)

  2. Luke says:

    let me guess, no provision for bus priority at the Lincoln Road interchange either?

  3. Matt L says:

    They really should be putting a proper busway in while they are widening the motorway rather than just a busway. At lincoln rd a large park and ride could be built on the land under the raido masts (its up for lease at the moment with parking suggested as one option for the site)

  4. Cam says:

    Don’t worry the huge PT projects are just around the corner, surely. After all Steven said we needed to get past the debate and that he was keen to invest in all modes. Wait a minute he did mean that didn’t he?


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