Here Comes The Brown Line


So Onehunga is officially Brown.

A kind of muddy chocolately -type of brown.

New Maxx signs displaying Auckland’s rail lines show Onehunga line opening mid-2010 - which means there is no way back now.

In fact the scheduled date is July.

It’s exciting to see the Onehunga line listed.

Soon, all those Onehunga residents who use cars can consider the train.

Now all we need is the “airport” connection (a bus) listed on the map to be replaced with a rail link!




  1. rtc says:

    Good to see trains will continue all the way to Britomart and that the line will be electrified. Late last year with Joyce’s messing about and cost cutting it looked as though trains would only be shuttling between Penrose and Onehunga on a non-electrified line…

    Our Auckland rail-map is starting to look almost half decent :-) With Manukau Service we should be getting another colour - these will also run between Britomart and Manukau.

  2. rtc says:

    But a question I have is why is only Otahuhu considered a train interchange station? Considering Eastern and South trains all runalong the same line past Westfield?

  3. curtissd says:

    Can the Onehunga Station be built over Galway Street, so Galway Street becomes and North and a South? This mean the station is built on the straight part of the curve and is still close to Onehunga Mall.

  4. Neil says:

    This is fantastic! I only hope it doesn’t turn out to be a brown undies line…

  5. Andu says:

    Same colour as the bakerloo line :)

  6. Cambennett says:

    Why don’t they have a total RTN map which includes the Northern Busway?

  7. James says:


    don’t know if you’ve used the eastern line recently but a few services terminate at Otahuhu like at New Lynn to the west. Passengers have to change trains to continue southwards technically making it the end of the “eastern” portion of the line for those services.

  8. kalelovil says:


    Southern Line and Eastern Line services are also synchronised to arrive at Otahuhu at the same time and not depart until the other service has arrived to make transfers more conveneient.
    It is dissapointing that Newmarket and Britomart are not timetabled to make transfers at all easier.

  9. Ian says:

    Surely a red or blue line colour would have been much easier to see. Brown can be difficult to distinguish from the purple-especially in low light.

  10. Andrew says:

    The current colour coding system as seen on bus and train timetables, as well as at bus stops, is:
    North Shore: Light blue (sky blue)
    Auckland Isthmus: Dark blue
    West Auckland/Waitakere: Green
    East Auckland: Yellow
    South Auckland: Red (well, crimson)
    Onehunga is part of the isthmus which I’d have thought would make it dark blue, as per Ian’s comment.

    And @Cambennett: Agreed, we should have a RTN map and the Northern Busway should be on it! (as light blue)

  11. James says:

    In Bus terms which is all Onehunga has had till now: Waka Pacific Manukau Road services pass through the area. Those all originate in the south giving the red/crimson colour to the material covering that area.

  12. James says:

    Penrose should be marked as an interchange station too.

  13. Simon says:

    @ James That`s what I was thinking.
    As it`s a station that people can transfer at why don`t they show that on the map?!

  14. James Pole says:

    @rtc: I suspect Manukau services may not get a new colour. I remember reading somewhere that ARTA was considering running Eastern Line services between Britomart and Manukau — while Southern Line services will run as per the status quo (i.e. Britomart and Papakura/Pukekohe). Also the current services ex-Otahuhu would be transferred to start at Onehunga instead.

    @Cambennett: They don’t include the northern busway for a good reason — passengers don’t think in terms of RTNs, they think in terms of bus/trains/etc. So they wouldn’t expect to see a “bus” on a map of “trains”. However your idea could be implemented with the introduction of integrated ticketing. Integrated ticketing will reduce passengers’ bias torward the mode of transport they have a monthly/day pass for etc — so it would make more sense to include busway/trains on the same map given the MAXX card will be valid on all services on the given map.

    1. Onehunga has bus services operated by Metrolink and Urban Express as well.
    2. Yes I think Penrose should be classed as a interchange station, however I think the reason why it is not is due to trains not being timetabled to connect etc. However I see no reason why it won’t become a interchange station at some point in the future.
    3. BTW can you append your last name or a suffix to your name so there is no confusion between you and me! :)

  15. jarbury says:

    I think the Onehunga Line should have been blue. After all it runs from one sea to the other. From Queen Street to Queen Street (well, historically anyway as Onehunga Mall used to be called Queen St).

  16. Kelvin says:

    Surely now the Eastern, Southern and Western need new names eg there (or is it their in this case) desternations.
    Yes, Bakerloo poo brown alright, maybe Jubilee Silver would have been nicer.
    And I’m surprised as yet no all black line - maybe they’ll wheel it out for the world cup…the rugby one.

  17. ed says:

    iI looks very exciting. I was born and raised in the area till I left school. Me and some kids in the neighbor used to explore up and down that track every weekend in the mid seventies. I now live in Sydney and the next time I’m in town I’ll be making a special trip to onehunga when it opens. I also think reopening the track is a great investment as the planners no you have Mt Smart stadium, onehunga shopping centre and wharf and in the future airport route happening. This won’t happen overnight but it will. Good luck with the opening.

  18. ron says:

    We had our cr stolen here and trashed. No
    security could use a taxi for a year fo what that cost.
    Never use public transport again.


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