Puhoi Decision Hailed As “Victory For Logic & Common Sense”


The Government upgrade of SHIU from  Puhoi to Warkworth is being called “a victory for logic and common sense.”

Rodney’s mayor Penny Webster today praised the transport Minister saying he has been “quick off the mark” in recognising the importance of the road to the northern economies.

“A commitment to have the road upgraded was part of the (National Party’s) election campaign and has been reinforced since by our local MP, Lockwood Smith. Still, it’s a huge surprise to see the Government commitment reinforced so early and emphatically by Minister Joyce in his first term in office,” says Mrs Webster.

Mrs Webster says that she has particularly pleased at possible priority given to a route by-pass at Warkworth.

She said that over various long weekends and most notably during the post-Christmas period last year holiday queues stretched up to 25 kilometres south of Warkworth as motorists battled holiday traffic.

“Rodney residents and our visitors will be happy to see the end of that.




  1. Matt L says:

    And I will be happy to see the back of the Rodney council along with the rest of them only concerned with their own little patch rather than what is needed for the region. Penny is obviously stuck in the dark ages of lets just build roads.

  2. Luke says:

    this headline belongs on April the 1st. A full bypass of Warkrworth, and later on a bypass of Wellsford, combined with a few intersection upgrades and passing lanes is all that will ever be required.

  3. Jeremy Harris says:

    As an ex ACT party member (maybe still current) Penny is quite obviously a moron…


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