Hurry Up Onehunga -Photos


If the Onehunga line opens in July, there needs to be some decisions made quickly and a serious start on work in Princes St, Onehunga.

See if you can spot the difference:
Here is how the new Onehunga railway station site, the old ITM building, looked back in August:

Then in November, some tracks arrived and few workman popped by and dumped stuff:

So I was expecting by this week, to find something changed and a sign things are moving ahead, even though there seem to be endless issues about what the community wants and what sort of shops can accompany the station:
So what do i find this morning?

I wonder if this is the landscape we will alight to when we arrive on the first Onehunga train and a sign saying “station coming soon”?

All I can note that’s changed - more broken windows and no-one now bothers to attempt to cut the grass.

Hopefully when the authorities resume decision-making meetings next month, they’ll start to nail it. They need to.




  1. Roger Kirk says:

    It turns out that all the trackwork built there was for other areas of the network, the area was being used as a construction site. I was wondering where a diamond crossover could be needed at Onehunga!

  2. rtc says:

    ARTA have run out of money which is one reason the opening has already been pushed back, which is also the reason why some refurbished carriages are not being used yet. Until the final plan for the ITM site is decided trackwork in this area won’t be laid - they have an open lab in a couple of weeks to display what they intend to build and then I guess they still have 5 months to get it built. Opening is in July.

  3. curtissd says:

    Build the station across Galway street so Galway street becomes Galway street north and Galway street south. It is on a straight piece of track and if the future Avondale southdown line is built it would be the perfect junction station. But still close to Onehunga Mall. Princess street between Waller and Galway is wider at that location and would suit buses.


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