Eden Park Gets LinkedIn - Photos


Work has begun on the link lane between Sandringham Rd and Eden Park, to especially give RWC patrons more direct walking access to the park.

Attention has shifted for the time being from the Kingsland station upgrade to the footpath widening and other pedestrian improvements around that area of Sandringham Rd between New North Rd and Walters Rd.

That work includes:

  • Creating a new one way road between Sandringham Rd and Walters Rd. This is a “shared space.” It will be for pedestrians only during games but otherwise can be used for vehicles one way.
  • Widening Sandringham Rd between Onslow Rd and Burnley Terrace and creating new footpaths
  • Putting underground overhead electric cables
  • Creating a new public space at the intersection of Walters Rd
  • Relocating three houses within their existing boundaries (30-34 Sandringham Rd)
  • Shifting the road south-eastwards to allow for the Kingsland station upgrade
  • Creating a new pedestrian crossing near the intersection of Walters and Sandringham Rds
  • Creating a new southbound bus lane
  • Improved lighting
  • Footpath and kerb upgrades
  • Water main and gas pipe renewals

Eden Park’s financial problems
Kingsland station upgrade - Birds eye view

Latest photos of Eden Park’s development

Sandringham Rd houses uplifted

Newmarket bypassed for RWC trains





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