Wellington’s New Train Track Gets Laid - Photos


Part of the third rail corridor was installed in the last week in the Wellington railway station yards, stopping just north of the locomotive shed.

In addition to laying track for the third main line, work is continuing at the central station to smarten up and improve safety of the platforms.

Progress is also being made on the ongoing upgrade of the overhead line system which powers Wellington’s electric trains.

I thank reader JCPhotographics for sharing these great photos of the work and other aspects, which he comments upon below. Thanks JC for keeping us up-to-date and I ‘m glad you enjoyed the Capital Connection trip.

The remarks between photos are his.

At Petone station, you note the lack of graffiti. Mind you in the canopy is a security camera. That must help.

Cleaners throughout the day are dusting all the surface and walls, emptying rubbish bins, cleaning the toilets and polishing the floor. The station during the day looks marvellous.

I rode the Capital Connection. The Buffet closes just south of Porirua. Both at Waikanae and Paraparaumu passengers were still getting toast and hot drinks.

On the return trip I was talking to a passenger and she was staying the she does not like the Electric Units. The capital leaves Wellington at 5.17pm. At about 4.45 the buffet opens and people buy food and alcohol for the trip home. The woman was saying that, after a hard day, it’s nice to sit have a wine and relax. You will not get that in a unit. You also have toilets on board, not on the units either. I think that the Capital will still be used by passengers as its a express service and only those who want a earlier or later train will get the unit.
The Capital is a little dearer but I think they are happy to pay that.

The Capital Connection

A shot of imagination - labelling Wellington Railway Station’s Platform 9 3/4 for Harry Potter fans!

All photos: JCPhotographics.

Manawatu Standard: KiwiRail proposal to run smaller rail cars rejected

Hope that the Capital Connection can survive




  1. John Dalley says:

    With the electrification at wellington, do we know if they will eventually hook up with the electrified lines that finish at Palmerston North (i think)or will the systems be incompatible?

  2. Jim C says:

    @John Dalley. There is a big difference in the two systems. Wgtn I believe is 1500 v D.C and the Main Trunk from Palmerston North To Hamilton is 25kv A.C. But in years to come the electric locos certainly may be able to change voltage with no problem. Whether or not the current Government at that time will extend the system any way. Probably it will be the higher voltage ac will be the one extended.

  3. Matt says:

    25kv AC is also what’s being put into Auckland. I can see Auckland to Hamilton happening a while after Auckland has been done

  4. dsadas says:

    Dual voltage locomotives and EMU’s using 25kvac/1500vdc is already done in Japan (same track gauge too).

  5. Some interesting photos there Jim - thanks for them.

  6. jp says:

    I’d appreciate it if someone could answer a question that has always puzzled me. Why is it that trains into Wellington must go so slowly through the railyards? Between Kaiwharawhara and Wgtn station the train goes 10/20 kpm, and often stops dead still. Is this something to do with having only 2 tracks and will the 3rd rail improve things?

  7. John Gilbert, Cradley. UK says:

    No problem with multi-voltage locomotives or EMUs, or even trams (Karlsruhe)in Europe. More and more multis are in use, some with four-voltage capability, (25KV AC, 15KV AC, 3000volts DC, 1500volts DC). This covers all electric lines except the third rail here in the UK - and our Class 92s, which operate through the Channel Tunnel, are third rail 750volts DC and 25KV.) So the equipment is available. I imagine your longterm idea would be to convert Wellington to 25KV but dual-voltage locos would render that unnecessary for a long time. (But might it not be an idea to fit 25KV insulators etc. between Paraparaumu and Waikanae now to save
    expense later?) Completing the wires through from Auckland to Wellington is a super dream; I hope you get to see it in the not-too-distant future. Best wishes…John Gilbert (in the non-electrified part of the West Midlands!)


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