New Poll: Banks & Brown 50% each


The Auckland super-city mayoralty race could be quite a battle between John Banks and present Manukau mayor Len Brown.

A poll, released by Curia (which does polling for the Nats) has them at exactly 50% neck and neck, which is considered quite unusual. The poll was conducted last week.

Here were the questions.

If an election was held today for Mayor of the new Auckland Supercity, which Aucklander would you most like to be Mayor?

  1. John Banks 42.5%
  2. Len Brown 38.1%
  3. Bob Harvey 7.2%
  4. Stephen Tindall 4.8%
  5. Others 3.2%
  6. Paul Holmes 1.4%
  7. Mike Lee 1.3%
  8. Michael Barnett 1.3%
  9. Andrew Williams 0.4%

These are percentages of those who had an opinion. 34.1% of respondents could not or would not name a preferred Mayor unprompted.

The second question was:

If the choice for Mayor of the Auckland Super City was between Manukau City Mayor Len Brown and Auckland City Mayor John Banks, which one would be your preference?

John Banks 50.0%

Len Brown 50.0%

In a two way race, an identical number of respondents supported both John Banks and Len Brown.  14.8% of respondents were undecided, or would not express a preference.

You can read the details of the polling sample etc here




  1. It’s a close race, but Team Banks is heartened by the fact that the unprompted Mayoral preference gives Banks a small lead outside of the margin of error - a 4.4% lead for a poll with an MoE of 2.95.

    The two horse race question is more to provide a baseline with other polls last year, it is the unprompted Mayoral preference that gives the best indication of voting intentions of Aucklanders.

    Aaron Bhatnagar
    Campaign Strategist
    John Banks - Mayor for Greater Auckland

  2. Jon says:

    Yes, it would seem Team Banks is pleased with the Team Banks funded survey. Good on you Team Banks!

  3. ingolfson says:

    Lol, and there I was wondering why Aaron wasn’t running for Council.

    Seems he has found a cushier potential new job. New CEO of Council, maybe?

    Oh, wait. Need to win first.

  4. Jeremy Harris says:

    I think Aaron will be the next National candidate for Epsom since Richard Worth’s (what the hell did he do?)…

    I think there is some good evidence this type of poll favours the conservative candidate these days, given the shifting demographics of who owns landlines these days…

  5. curtissd says:

    Who ever is going to do the most for public transport gets my vote.

  6. Kurt says:

    Out of these two its voting for whoever stinks the least. Banks as a National party poodle or the ultra liberal Brown.


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