Kapiti Calms Down Over Expressway


The Kapiti Coast District Council , which earlier made unhappy noises about the expressway which will pass through its town, appears to have taken a deep breath.

Today’s council meeting to discuss the issue resolved to work constructively with the NZTA but try to get the best design outcome it could.

It still warned it would challenge any part of the process it was unhappy with and wanted clarification on how the process would work.

EARLIER: Showdown over Kapiti expressway




  1. carl ex kiwi from melbourne says:

    I don’t think the good citizens of Kpati need worry about any expressway passing through their town. We will all have died of old age before the Gov’t gets around to finally fnding it. These projects should have been completed in the late 1960′s. Years of pussy footing around by various NZ Gov’ts of either ilk have resukted in the mess we now inherit.


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