Installation Of Third Wellington Rail Line Continues This Weekend


In Wellington, another busy weekend is ahead on the upgrade for the rail network, with a half time called for a soccer game!

It’s good news for commuters, who suffered more delays yesterday morning.

Buses will replace some trains this weekend but the significant work planned for the rail yards has been scaled back to allow trains to carry passengers to the Wellington Phoenix semi-final game at Westpac Stadium at 4pm on Sunday.

For the rest of the weekend, KiwiRail will continue to work on the installation of a third main line at the entrance to Wellington Railway Station.

Once in use later this year, the line will reduce congestion at a busy point in the rail system.

Wellington's central rail yards getting major works done

Away from Wellington Railway Station, work will continue on the demolition of platforms at Redwood Station, which is closed temporarily for up to four months so two new platforms can be built. Improvements to the overhead power system, including the replacement of older wooden poles, will also be undertaken around the network.

Buses are replacing trains between Wellington and Johnsonville, Waterloo and Porirua from 6am Saturday to midday Sunday. Wairarapa Saturday and Sunday morning services will be replaced by buses between Wellington and Upper Hutt.




  1. Brent C says:

    I will be catching the train in for the football. Tranz rail better have a back up option if something goes wrong or their will be a riot

  2. Matt L says:

    How much of the work is compromised by having to accommodate these special services? Earlier in the year if we hadn’t of catered for the Big Day Out then it is likely Newmarket would have had its signalling finished on time.

  3. Brent C says:

    In Wellington there seems to be special events happening at the stadium every weekend with Pheonix, Hurricans, Black Caps, 7′s and ACDC. Its more of the same of the next couple of weekends as well. But they have been working on the triple tracking overnight as well, with all late night services replaced by buses Sun-Thurs.

    I don’t think Tranz Rail has much options other than open the line as there will be 34,000 fans going to the Football, many of which will use the train to get to the game.

  4. Kurt says:

    Nice problem to have there in Wellington Brent C.

    Auckland has very little happening every weekend thanks in part to the decision to renovate the out of date and out of the way Eden Park. This being the same park which will still be a major pain in the neck to get to and from and which will have very limited use even when completed even though a large fortune has been poured into it.

  5. Simon says:

    @Kurt Amen to that! Why ouldn`t they have put it in the old Carlaw Park site? The community wanted it, Parnell Businesses wanted it, There was no opposition to taking some Domain land so that there would be enough room for it …and just like Wellington we could have had events every weekend. Of course there would still be the challenge of getting Aucklanders interested enough to tear themselves away from their insulated lives to turn up anyway!


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