Cyclists: Steven Joyce Plan has ‘Opened The Door”


Cycling enthusiasts think  Steven Joyce’s Safer Journeys 10-year plan “opens the door for a united cycling community to work in partnership with policy makers to turn the road safety strategy into meaningful actions.”

But the Cycling Advocates Network and BikeNZ warns  that New Zealand has a long way to go.

“Currently, the roading environment restricts people’s right to cycle safely.”

BikeNZ CEO Kieran Turner said that it was great to see cycling included in further road safety action areas and the cycling community is ready right now to start rolling out nationwide cycling skills programmes based on government backing.

“New Zealand’s road death rate is double that of the UK. It is not acceptable that cyclists and pedestrians account for 30% of deaths in urban areas. We need to take bold action to improve the situation,” says CAN chair Bevan Woodward.

“Reducing speed limits and providing safer conditions for cyclists and motorists alike.”

BikeNZ and CAN will be meeting with a cross-party cycling group within parliament in March to discuss creating safer cycling conditions. BikeNZ and CAN are looking forward to working closer with government to deliver on ‘Safer Journeys.”




  1. ingolfson says:

    Good thing I didn’t write that. It is way too polite and understanding. How about some ACTION from government?


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